Making A Homemade Calendar (Free Printable Included)

It’s (already!) the beginning of February so it’s about time we actually got our act together and replaced our still-pitifully-displaying-December calendar in the kitchen. And this year John actually wanted to DIY one. Isn’t he industrious? His big calendar concept: to pick out a bunch of our favorite “inside joke” quotes and slap them on top of a long skinny white numbered page so we’d get a little private chuckle every time we checked out the date or penciled in an appointment. Cute huh?

He actually said it was going to be a secret V-day present for me but since February 14th is a few weeks off (and we both felt like bigtime slackers every time we looked at the expired oh-nine calendar) he shared his idea so we could do it together on the last weekend of January. And thanks to it already practically being February, we only needed eleven quotes and we were able to quickly whip up a simple little calendar template in Photoshop (we just adjusted the dates and the hues along with the quote to get all of the months churned out in under an hour).

And the good news is that you probably don’t need a fancy program like Photoshop or Illustrator to make one yourself. You might be able to create something sweet and simple in Powerpoint or even Microsoft Word. Oh and the font is called League Gothic and we got it for free from this site that How About Orange suggested. Easy, peasy.

Then we just printed each page out on regular sheets of 8.5 x 11″ cardstock that we had on hand (100 lb weight, which you can grab at Office Max or Staples and run through any regular inkjet printer). We were sure to include thin gray lines so we knew where to cut them to create nice long strips out of the previously-standard-sized page. Burger served as my inspiration as I cut them all out in front of the TV…

Then we just popped a hole in the top of each of ’em so we could slip them onto the small wire 3M Command hook that we have in the kitchen as our designated calendar hanging device (it’s 100% removable so it won’t damage our side-of-the-fridge built-in if we ever want to move it or take it down).

So here’s our 100% free homemade calendar hanging proudly in the kitchen. We love how customized it feels and how much it makes us smile whenever we read each personalized phrase that we thoughtfully chose to represent each month. For example, we often tell Burger “no biting, just kisses” when he does those little no-pressure puppy nibbles that wouldn’t hurt a fly. As soon as we utter the phrase we get hand licks instead of fake bites. So cute. And of course we designated that as the February quote since V-day is all about kisses, and I guess it’s sort of anti-biting (since that’s hardly the sweet thing to do to those you love).

Everything from random song lyrics that crack us up to our short (but oh so memorable) wedding vows made the calendar- and of course that one was slapped on July since that’s our anniversary month.

It was a simple project but it was surprisingly fun to put together. Like a walk down memory lane that we get to rewalk every time we glance at the kitchen calendar. And you can’t beat the zero dollar price tag. So what about you guys? Do you order calendars with custom family photos from places like Kodak and Flickr? Do you buy them for 50% off after Christmas at bookstores or boutiques? Or do you use your iPhone or your computer so much that a paper calendar is virtually useless? Spill the what-date-is-it beans.

Update: Thanks to a slew of very kind (and unexpected) requests, we’ve created a free zipped template of our calendar that you can download and customize with your very own quotes for each month. Please note that you must have Photoshop to open the PSD and edit the type layers (or use a free open source like GIMP). You also may need to download the font that we used right here (it’s also free). Oh and each month is a different layer, so remember to hide and show each one to print every month’s page. We hope it helps! Who knew so many others still needed a 2010 calendar?!


  1. Heather says

    Such a cute idea! If there was a Sherry/Heather calendar you know “my winks are blinks” would be on there. xoxo

    • says

      Hey Heather! Yeah, I still say that to John. Did you see that guy on American Idol who kept winking like a million times in a row really slowly? It made me think of you blinking and asking me if it was a wink. Haha. Also “hooooley moley” would be on there along with “spicy tornadoes” and all sorts of other fun stuff. Miss you girl!


  2. says

    We use the Chick-fil-A Cow calendar, which always has funny themes. For oh-ten, it’s “Great Works of Cow Literature,” and has months for “Flankenstein,” “Steerlock Holmes,” etc.

    The best part, you can usually get a calendar for free (yay!) with a $20 gift card purchase that we’re going to use anyway, AND, the calendar itself has $30 of coupons on it. It’s a great deal!

  3. Meg says

    Love those! So much cooler than the templates Microsoft offers. I hadn’t received my usual slew of calendars (ranging from Beatles- to Broadway-themed) that I have a hard time finding space for; instead, I got zero calendars from Santa and his cohorts! So, I’ll definitely be copying your idea!! What a sweet, creative husband you have. :-)

  4. Ben says

    I’m a huge fan of items that are sustainable/reusable–so I bought calendreco’s perpetual calendar. (just google: calendreco). It goes in the office above my table and it looks great. Very modern.

    Other then that, It’s Google Calendar all the way!

  5. says

    I forgot to add that I have a Chinese restaurant calendar on the back of my pantry door – I’m such a good customer that they give me a free one every year.

  6. says

    love love love how simple and graphic this is! i made a calendar for my mom for Christmas in the same fashion, but added pictures of the fam. I could definetly do something like this for my house, though. and thanks for sharing the free font site as well!

    • says

      Hey Eric and Erin,

      We actually thought about creating a downloadable version of our calendar but we didn’t know if anyone would even be interested (especially since it’s already February so we thought most people would already be covered in the calendar arena)! I’ll get John on the case tonight and if we can figure out how to offer one without crashing the site we’ll hopefully add that at the bottom of the post within the next day or two. Stay tuned!


  7. says

    He he. Your DIY calendar is really cute, and so sweet that it is personalized. My sis-in-law gave us a calendar this year, with beautiful photography. We tend to alternate years, one year storebought, the next a photo calendar with pics of us!

  8. Chrissy says

    As always, you guys are adorable.

    What is what looks like an old style mini filing cabinet used for in the kitchen. Recipes?

  9. LauraC says

    Hey Sherry, Do you mind sharing what Photoshop version you have? We have a real old one (7.0) and I did a quick search and didn’t find any calendar templates. Just curious. Thanks!

  10. Lara says

    I love all of your Photoshop projects! Which made me want to ask you- which edition do you use? Mine is super outdated and I’m not quite sure if my edition would do all of this cool stuff you guys whip up. I’m such a computer DIY-er but I always end up doing my stuff in regular Word since I typically use my old photoshop for just photos.
    Great idea on the calendar!

    • says

      Lara and LauraC,

      We have Adobe Photoshop CS Version 8.0. It’s definitely nothing hot off the presses but it’s great for sizing and retouching pictures, whipping up mood boards, and even making art like our wood signs and our recent calendar. Hope it helps!


  11. Andrea says

    A family calendar in our house is useless. No on looks at it but me so I have a Moleskin that I carry with me that has the week on one side and then a lined page on the other. It’s great! I can keep track of the day-to-day and then have a blank page for lists and reminder notes.

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