Reader Redesign: Feeling Frosty

When Courtney sent over her awesome entertainment center transformation we just had to share the goods. Here’s her letter:

YHL always inspires me because you find ways to tweak or repurpose the resources that you have rather than blow the budget on something expensive. I’m not a fan of clutter and have tried multiple ways to hide the shame that is the DVD collection in my entertainment center (I’ve covered the glass doors with wrapping paper, but this required opening the doors to use the remotes for the cable box and DVD players). Then I came across these cut-outs at Michael’s that are used for scrap-booking and thought they would make great stencils. Down came the wrapping paper and up went the stencils (I used 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive to hold them in place) so I could frost the glass to hide the mess but still allow for remote controls access. I protected the wood frame of the door by placing plastic bags around the perimeter and just sprayed Rust-O-Leum Specialty Frosted Glass spray in a semi-transparent finish (about two coats while still wet). Ten minutes later it was dry and ready to use (see more details over on my blog). Thanks so much for your dedication to YHL and to your followers; it makes my day to see what you two accomplish and it inspires me to do the same in my own rental! – Courtney

Here’s one side of her entertainment center before the big transformation (see the door on the right?). The left door has the stencil stuck in place but has yet to be sprayed…

… and here’s everything after the frosting spray was applied and the stencils were removed. Pretty darn amazing, eh?

Wasn’t that functional and beautiful solution a stroke of genius on her part? Thanks so much for sending the photos our way Courtney. We love that the remotes still work through the newly frosted doors and it all looks so chic and high end. The entire piece is elevated by this crafty little solution. What do you guys think? Didn’t she use that frosting spray like a champ? Anyone else out there interested in frosting their entertainment center doors after seeing this stunning transformation?

Psst- Speaking of frosting things, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how we frosted the windows in our very own basement.


  1. lauren says

    I would have never thought to frost the glass doors- great choice! Also, I just want to say that I love, love, love those colored coded books on the surrounding shelves. All my bookshelves are colorcoded so I always notice when other people do this to theirs as well :)

  2. Tricia says

    Looks nice… I also think it looks tidier to put DVD’s in baskets sized just right for them, like I do. I also recently went thru mine and donated a bunch of unwatched ones to the public library.

  3. says


    Thanks for posting my project! I’m glad to hear that at least someone appreciates my neurotic color-coding of my bookshelves (Thanks, Lauren!!). Maybe we should start a support group!

  4. Carol N. says

    Love this idea! Hmmm, that is giving me some wonderful ideas for a couple of glass doors that I have where the insides are not a pretty and ordered as I’d like. Thanks, Courtney and Youngsters!

  5. rachel says

    neat concept, but it’s not great to leave the doors shut when the DVD player et. al. are turned on. they can overheat, which shortens their lifespan. it’s ugly, but it would be best for your appliances to open the doors when they’re in use (which would remove your remote problem).

  6. Katherine says

    These look great! We are getting ready to frost the doors on our Billy bookcases from Ikea (we added 3 of them in our alcove in our kitchen and pretty much tripled our storage space!). I would love to do a pattern like Courtney’s done, but I don’t think the scrapbook patters will work for big doors like these. What else could we use?

    • says

      Katherine- Any stencils will do, even something that you DIY. You could try to use blue painters tape (or green frog tape) to create a pattern on the doors to your bookcases or even cut stencils out of things like cardboard or acetate from a craft store. Hope it helps!


  7. Stacy says

    I was thinking of something like this for french doors. Well I actually just have one going out to my back covered patio that the 2-story house behind me “could” see in.
    Has anyone done this?

    • says

      Hey Stacy,

      A while back we saw some awesome lace-like window film that was applied to french closet doors to obscure them. Perhaps you can look around online and in craft stores for patterned window film to achieve the same effect?


  8. kami says

    did you do this on the inside or the outside? i’m guessing inside, but i couldn’t tell. also, does the adhesive just wash off?

    it’s adorable! i’m copying!

    • says

      Hey everyone,

      We’re so glad you’re digging Courtney’s smart little frosting project! Don’t forget to head over to her blog for more details and the answers to your questions! Courtney has already dropped in to see what everyone is saying over here, but if you have any additional questions (that you can’t find the answer to over on her blog) we’re hoping that she’ll stop in again with that info for ya. Stay tuned…


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