Reader Redesign: Facade Facelift

When Casey sent us these almost unbelievable photos of his home’s exterior makeover we couldn’t wait to share the goods. Here’s his letter:

I’m a huge fan of your website and your remodeling. It’s simply awesome. I just bought my first house, and it was built in 1925. It’s in Dallas, Texas, and was completely remodeled in 2006. While I can’t take credit for everything that was done, I wanted to share the exterior before and after pictures. They’re pretty cool, I think. Urban Strong is the name of the company that did the renovations. They are based out of Dallas, TX. I’m just the lucky beneficiary of their fine work. Best regards and many thanks for keeping your readers so entertained with quality writing and insightful advice! -Casey

Is you mouth hanging open right now? Because ours is. Isn’t it amazing what a little love can do for a home that once appeared to be wayyy past its prime? Now it’s current and welcoming and oh so pristine. What do you guys think? Are you digging the light and airy color scheme as much as we are? Any ideas you’re going to steal for an impending exterior overhaul? Do tell. And thanks so much to Casey for sending the amazing before and after photos our way!


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    BEAUTIFUL!!! We’re going to spend this winter planning out our exterior overhaul. I’d love to know where he got the light hanging in the porch. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Kaethe says

    Would you see if you can find the brand and colors used on t the exterior? We’re talking about repainting, and I love those colors! Thanks!

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    Wow that is pretty fantastic. Someone had great vision to inspire that change. Sun-yellow houses always cheer me…while that color would not be my first choice for my own home, it’s such a cheerful hue, and always reminds me of my best friend’s childhood house. Her mother loved it so much that she HAD to have the same color when they rebuilt…..20 years later (we were in college). Regardless of my whimsical story….kudos to Urban Strong, what a great renovation!

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      Hey Jennifer,

      Good point! The reason we shared Casey’s inspirational exterior was because it can be DIY! In fact Kaethe (see above) asked for the paint colors so maybe there will be a crop of houses that are painted by their loving homeowners to mimic the look of Casey’s amazing casa!


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    Love it! I especially love how they didn’t just repaint everything but added defining character to the front porch with the columns as well. Now its a place they can really enjoy! I want our next house to have a nice roomy front porch like that!

  5. Travis says

    I would definately say this redo fits in with your blog. One of the things you guys encourage so much of is “repurposing”. What better thing to repurpose than an entire house! As an urban planner that has experience in much of the eastern seaboard, I have seen over the last 5 years a huge increase in investors buying up developed property and demolishing whatever structures were on them. This has occurred especially in established residential neighborhoods generally because its cheaper (and trendy) to buy a lot with a home on it than it is to buy (or find) a virgin lot.

    This being said, over the last two years I have also seen an increased interest in keeping the original structures and preserving the architecture. This is definately something to be proud of. Also, preserving historically significant architecture (not that this is for sure) is no joke and the homeowner should seriously consider leaving that one up to the professionals.

    Good job Urban Strong and Casey! Thanks Sherry and John for the post!

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    Whoa…I thought the “before” was of *my* house at first glance! Whoever thought teal was a good accent color anyway?? Actually, we just finished a complete exterior renovation of our house too. Maybe we’re crazy, but we actually did do everything ourselves so…it can be done! See before and after pictures at:

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      Holy bananas! Everyone must click Lauren’s link above and check out her amazing exterior overhaul that she DIYed herself. We’re speechless. What a fantastic (and almost unrecognizable) makeover!