Reader Redesign: A Tale Of Teal

When Trish sent us photos of her vibrant living room walls we couldn’t wait to share the amazing before and after pics. Here’s her letter:

Here are a couple of pics of my transformed teal coloured walls for any of your colour-loving readers. We live in a tiny old cottage with tongue-and-groove timber interior walls and our living room needed some cheering up. It’s amazing what some happy colors can do to transform a formerly gloomy room! -Cheers from Trish in Australia

Isn’t Trish’s living room welcoming and smile-inducing? There’s just something about it that makes us hopelessly happy. We love her bold use of such punchy and fabulous colors (like how she spray painted that wicker chair red) and can’t wait to hear what you guys think! We’ve always loved the teal and red color combo- it’s so crisp and Domino-esque. Thanks so much for sending your lovely photos our way Trish. We’re off to enjoy some vegemite in your honor (ever since another Australian reader sent it over I’ve learned that I actually love the stuff!).

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  1. Alanna says

    This looks great! I love the wall colors and am considering doing it as an accent in our living room (with our red couch). Any idea what the paint color is called?

    • says

      Hey Alanna,

      Since Trish is in Australia she probably used a different brand than we have here in the states, but something like Benjamin Moore’s Ocean City Blue 718 should give you a super similar look. Hope it helps!


  2. Hailey says

    I love it! Thanks for giving us a close color match option. We have a guest room, with a sunroom attached that needs some color (ie the walls are stark white). We have some Red and Brown furniture for the sunroom, and the guestroom has cream colored bedding, so I think teal would look AMAZING in there. I want to go paint right now! Thanks!

  3. Lacey says

    I am a big fan of teal and red as well… but let me just say that the other thing in these photos that my heart skips a beat for are the bookshelves!! I love that they are somewhat rustic and go with the cottage feel but also I just love to see books displayed in a living space. How cozy!

  4. Kari says

    Love the color but I have to say, as an old house fanatic–I love the tongue and groove and the trim. When was the house built?

  5. says

    I honestly didn’t think I would like the color combo of teal and red, but I have to say, I LOVE it! It is really nice to see a makeover using bold colors. It’s amazing how the teal makes the room seem so much more sophisticated than the original creamy yellow.

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