Olivia’s Birthday Bathroom Makeover

You guys might remember the quickie $200 makeover that we whipped up for our niece Olivia last October. Just to refresh your memory, here are the before shots:

And here are the we-only-spent-200-beans afters (and that budget includes the desk, the chair, the headboard, the dresser, the curtains, and a ton of other things in the room- see the details right here):

Yes sir, Olivia’s room was definitely spiffed up. But when it came to her attached bathroom (yeah, she knows she’s a lucky girl to have one of those) well it was looking a little blah:

But it was nothing a bit of avocado green paint and a few playful (and super cheap) accessories couldn’t solve…

Can you believe that’s the same room all decked out for Olivia’s 9th birthday? And isn’t she totally a girl after our own heart to ask for a bathroom makeover as her gift?! John’s cute sister even wrapped the door to properly package the little makeover for her daughter on her big day:

And what’s that you see gleaming on the ceiling? Why it’s a posh little green chandelier for Miss. Olivia to brush her teeth under. The icing on the cake is that it only set us back $30 at Marshall’s (on clearance).

We also took the opportunity to inject color wherever we could in an effort to take the builder white room to va va voom. The wall color is Glidden’s Celery Sticks (we’ve been waiting to see it in action for a while and let’s just say it did not disappoint!). Especially when paired with splashes of hot pink (just like her adjoined bedroom) and a playful little round rug from Ross.

And of course our colorful Target shower curtain really added some playful pattern (that looks surprisingly perfect when paired with the little rainbow rug):

So that’s the story of Olivia’s birthday bathroom makeover. All wrapped up with a bow and everything. Needless to say she squealed with glee when she saw her brandy new bathroom with all the cheerful colors and patterns. It’s perfect for a happy little nine year old like her.

But what’s a birthday bathroom makeover without a fun little budget breakdown? We just love how a little bit of elbow grease and a few bucks can really transform a room:

  • Chandelier (on clearance from Marshall’s):$30
  • Rug (on clearance from Ross): $4.99
  • Shower curtain (from Target): $29.99
  • Paint (Glidden’s Celery Sticks): $17.60
  • Hot pink towels (from Target): gift
  • Door decorating supplies: already owned
  • GRAND TOTAL: $82.58

Not bad eh? Especially since we were even able to inject little extras like a bejeweled chandelier. The funny thing is that you could easily spend $82 for the chandy alone, so we’re pleased as punch (along with the beaming birthday girl). And best of all we’ve now officially seen Glidden’s Celery Sticks in person, and it’s fabulous for any room (not just for kids!) so definitely check it out if you’re looking for a modern green reminiscent of a freshly sliced avocado. And speaking of avocados, what’s for lunch? Any bathroom makeovers on the menu for you guys? Any other kids out there who ask for home related updates for their birthdays? We just can’t get over how cute that is.


  1. ESBlondie says

    Too funny, I’ve been carrying around a swatch of Celery Sticks because I like it so much, but I’m not sure where to use it. The bathroom is too cute!

  2. Amy says


    We’re going to update our bathrooms. The master is still builder white with the cheapo builder towel rack/TP holder. We also have this HUGE mirror over the double sinks that we’re going to have cute and then framed into 2 smaller mirrors over each sink, then change out the single 8 bare bulb (HOT!) light and put 2 3-lights over each mirror. As for color…very undecided. I have yet to paint our adjoining bedroom, but am thinking a blue with a brown accent wall. Our duvet is brown striped with a brown bedskirt w/ blue stripe and different blue and brown toss pillows.

    Any ideas?

    • says

      Hey Amy,

      Love the idea to cut the mirror and frame it as two mirrors over each sink. Awesome update! And as for the color, since the bedroom will be blue with a brown accent wall, we’d suggest a lighter mocha color in the bathroom to tie into the accent wall or even a deeper blue than the walls to create a little jewel box effect in the bathroom. Lovely!


  3. Kelsey says

    Let me just start with I LOVE all your work! AWSOME! Now….to the more important….my mom is trying to transform her out dated bathroom on a tight budget…..she can not afford to take out the blue…yes blue tub and tiles…sigh….wish she could…..I was wondering what you thought about painting her walls a shade of green. This has been her wish for a very long time. SHE LOVES GRREEN! Also…we were thinking of painting only the tiles a nice shade of white with a kit we found at Lowe’s….have you ever heard of this or tried this….I am just afraid it will peel or something. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hey Kelsey,

      Good questions! We love a soft grass green with sky blue- it can actually look really fresh and crisp. I would just bring home a milllion swatches to find the right green (not too bright or too dark since it will look like it’s competing with the tub and tiles). As for the tile painting kit I’m afraid we’ve heard terrible things. Basically that it cracks and peels right after you apply it (as in within weeks) so we would definitely suggest hiring someone to professionally reglaze them (get references to find someone qualified!) for a totally updated look. Hope it helps!


  4. Emily says

    So cute!

    Question for you guys: I am moving into my first house on Saturday. I am planning to paint the bathroom in Benjamin Moore’s Utah Sky. I have a white waffle shower curtain and am planning to get a white bathmat. I am puzzled as to what color towels to get (there is only one bath in the house, so guests will see this). I would think that white towels would be great, but I’m scared to use white towels because of the dirt-showing factor. I also don’t know what other color I could bring in. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Emily,

      Hmm, could you do a soft cloud gray for the towels? That always looks nice with a sky blue wall. You also could go the mocha or tan route (also cute with blue) and easier to keep clean than white. Hope it helps!


  5. Jeanne says

    I love the bathroom. Since you guys are so good at this, I hope you don’t mind answering a couple of paint questions. What color do you think I should paint a bathroom with sea green shower and floor tiles? What about a bathroom that is pepto pink? Lastly, I definitely want to paint the cabinets in my bathroom white – they are currently wood. What finish do you recommend on the white paint? Thanks so much for your time.

    • says

      Hey Jeanne,

      Hmm, how about a soft tan on the walls for a room with sea green shower and floor tiles? Just bring home a bunch of swatches and see which one looks best. As for a pepto pink bathroom, again a soft tan might tone things down and look a bit chic and crisp, which is always a good thing. You could also do something like a cloud gray (very soft and almost a bit warm) or even a khaki color (with a tad bit of green as the undertone) which actually can look quite sophisitciated with pink. Again just bring home a slew of swatches and see which ones look best (you don’t want them to compete you almost want them to soften the existing tile colors so they feel more seamless and coordinated). Hope it helps! Oh and as for the finish for painting the cabinets in your bathroom, you want to use an oil-based primer (not water based!) followed by two thin and even coats of semi-gloss paint for the most durable and wipe-able finish. Hope it helps!


  6. Rebecca says

    OH TOO CUTE! She will be totally spoiled from now on, and will always demand her own bathroom, designed by you, of course! Great job!

  7. Sarah says

    Love this bathroom!!! We did the exact same for my daughters bathroom, same shower curtain & same wall color. She doesn’t have that cool chandelier, but I might have to look for one now. ;) Seeing this on here make me think there is hope for me yet. Maybe I do have a little bit of style. :) XOXO

  8. Sarah S says

    I would like some brandy in my bathroom for my birthday too! Seriously though, fantastic job! I would love love love a chandelier in my bathroom, but the light fixture is also the exhaust fan – they don’t make venting chandeliers, do they? :)

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