Easy Upgrade: Ditching Swiffer Dusters For Microfiber Cloths

We did it. After a few months of passively wishing that we were using reusable microfiber cloths to dust our house (instead of disposable Swiffer duster pads) we finally made the switch. We’re use-up-what-you-have-before-getting-something-new people, so we were counting down those last few Swiffer pads until the box was finally empty (here it is in our recycling bin)…

…and we could replace them with a five pack of white microfiber cloths (snagged for just $5 at TJ Maxx).

Why is this big news for us? Well since we were going through a few Swiffer duster pads a week (remember our detailed cleaning rundown right here?) we realized that if microfiber cloths are just as good at attracting dust and can easily be washable we can save around 150+ Swiffer pads, plus their packaging each year from landfills. And that might seem like a tiny upgrade to you guys, but every little bit helps. And just imagine if a few of you also make the switch to washable microfiber cloths (which are also great for polishing things, wiping down computer screens, cleaning up spills and even doing dishes in lieu of disposable sponges). All that reusing could really start to add up.

Plus we’d been meaning to make the switch for a while, and when a few helpful readers commented that microfiber cloths were their secret dusting weapon (back on our cleaning post) that was all that it took to confirm that we should go for it. And I must admit they’re pretty darn awesome. They definitely attract just as much dust as our old Swiffer pads did and they just feel like such a nice little upgrade since they’re plush and fluffy and not scratchy and disposable. Not that we rub our dust rags all over our bodies or anything, but you know what we mean…

So what do you guys think? Any takers? Anyone else making a simple switch like that around their house to save some pennies or reuse something wisely? We’re definitely sure there are other cleaning upgrades out there that we have yet to discover. Do tell.






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