Reader Redesign: To The Letter

When we saw Jennifer’s cute customized kids table we just had to share her little DIY makeover. Here’s her letter:

I recently bought my son this Ikea table & chair set for $39.99. Even though I love the {waaaaay} more expensive sets from Pottery Barn Kids, I just couldn’t justify spending that much, so I took a DIY approach. Here’s what I did: I applied three coats of red glazing paint from Ikea for only $4.99 a can (which was enough for all three coats). Then I dug up some old whimsical letter stamps I had from an art project. I got them from Target on clearance for around $5. Using my stash of colored acrylic paints from Michael’s (all under a $1) I stamped the letters on haphazardly just to add some originality to the tabletop. I figured my two-year-old can learn the alphabet while playing in style, right? Last but not least, I took your advice from this post and bought the Pour-On High Gloss finish from Michael’s to seal & protect the tabletop and give it a more expensive look. (BONUS: it’s MUCH easier to wipe down than the original plywood!). Total invested: $63 and a few days of time & effort. The result? A {cheap!} cute and one-of-a-kind table & chair set! I thought your readers with little ones might appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the good blogging! -Jennifer

Here’s what the table looked like before the transformation (thanks for the picture, Ikea):

Here’s Jennifer’s table in progress (you can see the foam alphabet stamps in the background and about half of the table covered in whimsical letters):

And here’s the table after the entire alphabet makeover:

Isn’t that a great little transformation? We love that Jennifer got creative and used her wits to transform a basic Ikea kids table. And we also love that the table and chairs can be painted any color at all (you could even go brown with the chairs and blue with the table and add brown stamps to it). The possibilities are endless. Thanks so much for sending the photos our way Jennifer! What do you guys think? Doesn’t this seem super doable…and, dare I say it… fun!?






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