And Now For A Post About Salsa

We try to stick pretty closely to home improvement and decorating related content, but when we saw this little five dollar salsa kit at the farmer’s market we immediately loved the “homey” feeling it gave us. And it was a DIY project of sorts. We also thought it would make an adorable hostess or housewarming gift. Who knew tossing salsa ingredients into a decorative basket or bowl could be so darn cute?

After happily handing five dollars over in return for some locally grown salsa ingredients, John sweetly asked if it came with any directions. The response? Just chop everything up and let it stand for an hour. It doesn’t get much easier than that. So we stopped for some tortilla chips and got to work whipping up our homemade salsa as soon as we got home.

It took about fifteen minutes for us to chop up the varied collection of tomatoes along with the garlic and the onion (and we only used half of the jalapeño because we’re wusses). Before we knew it we had a multi-colored bowl of goodness staring us in the face.

And what’s that bowl in the background of the photo above? That’s what I like to call John’s Rachael Ray bowl. He likes to use a regular old cereal bowl to collect the skin and ends of all the stuff we chop to keep the counter and the cutting board nice and clean. Didn’t I hit the jackpot when I married my little chef? It’s also nice because it easily allows us to pick out the stuff we can compost and then dump the rest of it in the garbage in one fell swoop. Another bowl bonus? Using it to collect the waste while we cook keeps the base cabinet where we store our garbage pail and compost container much cleaner since we only open it once at the end of the project instead of constantly tossing things in the trash with dirty hands as we go.

But back to the salsa at hand. After our chop fest we just let it sit for an hour or so in the fridge and then it was fiesta time.

So what do you guys think? Wouldn’t a DIY salsa kit make a cute little gift for a friend? Or a sweet little date night activity? And while we’re on the subject of DIY meals, do you have any other favorite snacks or meals to whip up in a snap that still feel special and fun? Do tell. We also love making s’mores in our backyard firepit… and come to think of it a s’mores kit would also be a great gift. Gotta love DIY projects that result in a delicious treat.


  1. lauren says

    What are all the different vegetables? I can make out the obvious ones, but what about the tiny circular yellow things? And are those green tomatoes? Super cute gift idea.

  2. Sarah says

    Sherry! I’m also from Richmond… which farmer’s market did you get this from? i love this idea and would love to pick some up for the weekend!

  3. Amy V says

    YUM! What a fabulous idea, and such cute simple packaging goes a long way.

    One question- How much of the garlic did you guys use? 2 or so cloves?

    • says

      That’s the million dollar question, Lauren! We realized we had no idea when we got home what everything was. Besides the jalapeno, garlic and onion, everything else just seemed to be a different variety of tomato. But if any tomato experts out there can help us identify each we’d love it. We’re so curious.

      Sarah, we got these from from Amy’s Garden at the South of the James Farmer’s Market in Forrest Hill Park. It’s open on Saturday mornings and Amy’s booth is usually at the far end.

      Amy V – I think we ended up using 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, though probably would’ve been safe with another. The guy who sold it to us said some people use the whole thing!


  4. says

    So cute! We just made homemade tacos recently and whipped up our own salsa and guacamole–that would be adorable as a gift.

    When we’re super hungry and haven’t been able to grocery shop much but need to whip up dinner, we find we usually have breakfast ingredients on hand. So we have what we call “AM in the PM”–we whip up french toast or pancakes, have some eggs and bacon, a cup of fresh fruit or whatever mix of breakfast ingredients we have and have a quick, fun and easy meal. I love breakfast food but am not always that hungry in the morning so I love getting a chance to eat it for dinner.

  5. SFDC says

    This is such a smart idea for a hostess gift.

    The yellow-ish green ones look like tomatillos to me.

  6. Jenny says

    If you want a neat little sweet addition to your salsa, add peaches, dried pineapple(the kind you get in the store that’s sugar coated, and a little cilantro. My friends and I make this and we can’t stop eating it!

  7. Christascafe says

    I will totally make my own salsa kids for a gift along with a Pampered Chef Food Chopper (a great invention). It will simplify the chopping process and make this salsa extra easy to make. This is also an awesome budget friendly way to give an housewarming gift. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Kelly says

    I bet a salsa-garden-in-a-pot would make a good Spring housewarming gift for someone who doesn’t have room for a garden. Just a simple salsa – tomato, jalapeno, onion, maybe garlic. Few enough things so you don’t need too giant of a pot.

  9. Amanda says

    For those that are interested, I’ve noticed a similar salsa kit, and a guac kit, at Trader Joes in Northern VA. I know a new Trader Joes opened up in the Short Pump area in Richmond, might be worth checking out!

  10. Beth says

    That is too cute. We always made salsa as a family growing up….It was soo fun! I can’t beleive y’all only used half of the jalapeno! That is exactly the opposite of our house. We would have used 2! HA!

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  11. Lori H says

    I love Amy’s Garden booth at the farmer’s market. I think the yellow tomatoes are SunGold cherry tomatoes – yummy. The green ones might be Zebra, if they have some stripes (can’t tell from the pic). And of course, the smaller red ones are some variety of Romas, maybe Juliettes? That’s what my parents grow. The salsa looks yummy. I have to have cilantro and lime juice in mine, though.