Framing Arrangements & Art Hanging Ideas (On Video)

When it comes to showcasing photos and prints around the house, figuring out how to hang them doesn’t have to hurt your brain. We grabbed our video camera and walked from room to room to break down some of the frame arrangements that are living it up here at Casa Petersik. Hope it helps you master the frame game! Watch below on Vimeo or here on YouTube.

But what are framing arrangements if you have nothing to hang? Here are a few of our favorite DIY art ideas along with a fun pooch project for anyone with a willing four-legged participant. You can also find a slew of other cheap & easy suggestions on our How To page under the “Artsy Ideas” header. Happy creating!


  1. Tracy says

    Thank you for the visual tips. I loved the asymmetrical one and the grid.

    You two are so adorable and I love the “ding” at the end. LOL

  2. Heather says

    I squealed a little when I saw my drawing of Burger on the wall! I think this tutorial will help a lot of people who are afraid to hang multiple frames. Even though you are so far away I can still feel like I’m in the Petersik casa.

  3. Alyzande says

    Ooh what’s for dinner? *giggle*

    I found some pine frames in my local cheap shop here in Cambridge UK. I intend to attack them with my white gloss paint and make frames at 1/8 normal price. Nothing is safe from the white gloss paint!

  4. Kim says

    This helps so much! We’re renting a house and I’ve been very intimidated about hanging the tons of frames that we received as wedding gifts. I love the idea of first taping paper pieces on the wall to figure out the design. This way I won’t be putting too many “extra” holes in walls that aren’t mine. Thanks!

  5. Jennifer S. says

    Very informative. I am the worst at hanging art. Do you think the arrangement would look as good or cohesive if the frames are not alike?

    • says

      We definitely love a collection of mismatched frames and art hanging together for tons of interest and character in a space. The key is to attempt to find one underlying thing that ties everything together, so if it’s not the frames it could be a color scheme in the art or even just a feeling that you get from what you’re framing (for example, framing a bunch of old flea-market maps and postcards will look cohesive because they all have the same vibe, while framing a modern print next to something vintage might not feel as connected or cohesive). Hope it helps!


  6. says

    Youre hilarious! I love the arrangements. As photographers, we are always trying to help our clients make arrangements. I may just email them a link to this video. ;)

  7. Amanda says


    Love the ideas. Wondering your opinions on hallway framing. I ask because part of our hallway starts in our den and then leads to the bedrooms/back of the house. I was thinking of just doing frames on that part of the hallway that is in the den, but I dont want to look like I didnt finish?

    • says

      Hmm, why not try the taping-up-paper trick to see how it will look before hammering any nails into the wall? We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous hallway art hung in a gallery effect so maybe just doing the hallway and not the den, or doing an arrangement in the den and then creating a space and doing another arrangement in the middle of the hallway is the way to go. Hope it helps!


  8. says

    thank you so much for this! we are always trying to figure out different ways to assemble photos and art. we are getting ready to tackle putting a photo wall in our dining room and i was dreading figuring out where to put all the frames. that trick with taping paper the size of the frame to the wall is just what i needed. so simple…why didn’t i think of that?! we always just lay everything on the floor. thanks again as always for the awesome tips! :)

  9. Jen Z. says

    This is great! Thank you so much for putting this video together and you two are just so cute doing it. I can’t wait to hang pictures now. Love the idea of putting the pieces of paper up on the wall first….great idea.

    • says

      Hey Mrs Limestone,

      You know, on shoots for commercials I’ve watched set decorators use those little 3M hooks to hang all the art and take it down seamlessly at the end of a week-long project. Maybe that’s a good idea for your plaster walls? In the good news category, our walls are plaster too and although they’re super crumbly when you’re pulling out a nail/screw/anchor, putting one in isn’t that bad. Hope it helps!


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