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Sorry about the terrible egg pun but you’ll never believe what we discovered in my bike helmet out in the garage. Granted, it does demonstrate that we haven’t been out riding as often as we should but…


There’s a bird’s nest in there. And it’s not an abandoned old one, it’s currently in use! Sorry for the blurry photo (taken by Sherry as she teetered on a ladder to get a quick shot before “scaring them”).


And a few hours after our discovery we actually saw the momma bird warming her eggos (no more picture-taking ensued as we didn’t want to spook our new feathered friend). Isn’t it funny that a bird would go through all the trouble to build a nest inside of a helmet in our detached garage? We think she’s getting in by squeezing under the seal at the base of the garage door (there aren’t any other openings and we doubt she’s waiting for us to raise the door to fly in since she probably needs a bit more control than that).

Have any of you guys ever made any exciting animal kindgom discoveries? Perhaps you found a beehive in your basement or a bat in your attic? Does anyone have a skunk mishap to toss into the pot? Or a squirrels gone wild tale? Do tell.


  1. Janet says

    I love to bird watch in my backyard. This week I had a baby mocking bird running around trying to fly while the parents fussed at me and our dogs for being around. Also saw a pretty cardinal bathe in the birdbath. Yesterday I watched some robins build a nest in the tree by our patio. We’ve already had a dove nest outside the back door. Captured some cool photos of the baby from the kitchen window and caught some of the robins with their mouths full of nesting grass. Birds are amazing to me.

  2. says

    Aw. How cute! I can’t ever bring myself to disturb a bird’s nest either but there’s usually a HUGE mess afterwards!

    One evening as I went out the back door, something caught my eye right in front off me on top of the grape arbor. Straining my eyes, I could see a big fat raccoon tiptoe-ing but frozen mid step with glowing eyes looking at me. His pose was comical and then he ran a way but we do have to keep our garbage cans locked tight with home-made raccoon proof closures. Cute but pesky.

  3. says

    Ha Ha I have lots of stories of babies being born in funny places. My family owes a building stone/landscaping yard so we have lots of room which brings in lots of furry friends!

    This spring alone we have have kittens born in a pile of boulders, a nest on top of a pile of pea gravel, and a hidden nest on pallet of stone.

    We flag the nests so we keep clean with equipment but the kittens are harder to keep safe. If you click on my blog link you can read the story of what happen this week with a kitten born out at my family’s store. It is a lesson for all to NOT LITTER!

  4. Meghann says

    That is so cute! I loved finding bird’s nests around my parents’ big yard when I was young. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one like that though- I love it!

    My latest “animal kingdom discovery” was a BAT flying into my apartment a couple weeks ago out of the chimney! It was quite the adventure- boyfriend, cat, and I were all scared to death! It ended up snoozing above my door the entire night and my landlord had to come get him out the next day!

  5. KatieK says

    What a fun discovery. We have a family of gardner snakes living under the mulch under one of our trees. They creap me out but I know they are harmless. Just this morning there were two kittens crawling on our basement window screen, I tried to go see them but they scampered away the moment they saw me:(

  6. Annapolitan says

    I had a mother bird make a nest at the top of the summer wreath I had on my front door. I actually blocked off the stoop for a few days because momma birds are notoriously skittish around the time that their babies fledge (leave the nest) and may abandon them at that time if they feel threatened.

    It was awfully cute to come home and see Momma sitting on her nest on my front door for a couple of weeks. Those babies grow up awfully quickly! It seemed like one day there were fuzzy little bumblebee-sized hatchlings and the next, they were wearing little brown feather suits and were almost ready to fly. I left my house one morning and made a mental note to take a photo of them later that day, only to find an empty nest when I returned. But I did see young birds practicing flight at my neighbor’s roofline the next day, and I think that was them.

  7. Melissa says

    We had a beehive in the soffit above our kitchen window. We didn’t discover it until bees started coming into our house through the can light above the sink. Sadly, we ended up having to cut a hole in our kitchen ceiling and we (ok, the exterminator) cut out about 40 pounds of honeycomb and honey from the attic area. It was quite an experience.

  8. jbhat says

    I LOVE that discovery. So amazing to see the wee eggs in there.

    We have a chickadee family that nests inside a hole in our one of the trunks of our lilac tree. They are adorable.

  9. chelsea says

    Just the other day I went outside to put our old produce where I feed the wild rabbits (which is near our back porch). While on the stairs on my way in I looked to my right and less than a foot away hanging in the tree was a gigantic black snake. Even though I do tend to over react about size, my snake love husband came out to catch and even said it was about 6 feet long and as fat as a coke can! Oh my! I am always on my toes when outside now!

  10. Amanda says

    I had the same thing happen! A sparrow decided that my step-dad’s helmet was a great place to build a nest! We keep our bikes suspended upside down from the ceiling and the helmets hang from the strap from the handle bars. So I guess she thought it was already nest like enough for her. We try not to let animals live in our garage because when they get shut in they try to get out the window, which is closed but we aren’t really sure how to move the nest so I guess it’ll just have to stay in there.

  11. Melanie says

    We had baby robins in a nest in the backyard. They were fun to watch. Before the eggs hatched, the mom would dive bomb us every time we went outside.

    Not as adorable was the possum that took to our crawl space. It was enough for him/her to hang out under the house. He/she managed to crawl into a small hole around the shower plumbing and then into the wall behind the shower. Either the possum left a baby behind or failed to clean up after dinner, because our bathroom smelled like death for about a week or two. The fat, black corpse flies that followed were even worse. It was our own personal Amityville Horror for a while. Since then we have blocked all critter access to our crawl space.

  12. Amie says

    It’s so neat here. We’re close enough to the beach and city yet sort of in a bit of a hilly park-like neighborhood with a baranca and 2 large regional parks nearby. We’ve seen raccoons, coyotes, rabbits, Red-Tailed Hawks, and we have a resident squirrel that my dog likes to terrorize! The birds in the tall Eucaliptus behind my house sound like the birdies in 1950’s Cinderella! I love seeing all of the little creatures around!

  13. says

    We just found 3 snakes in 3 weeks this past Spring. Not the animal (reptile, whatever) that I wanted to find. And they weren’t grass snakes. Apparently they arn’t harmful snakes, but I couldn’t care less about harm, I don’t like them. There was one in the garage, but in the landscaping by the front door, and one on the driveway.

  14. says

    My in-laws recently had a bird build a nest on top of their patio heater. And then they discovered a hummingbird nest in a little tree on their front patio. We think it’s because we sent our cockatiel to live with them when it kept waking up the baby – he’s attracting all the other birds!

    And – a friend in high school once had a squirrel living in his truck. They happily coexisted for a few months.

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