Fab Freebie: It’s A Cinch

***This giveaway is no longer accepting entries***

People sometimes question the purpose of Twitter, but when it helps us find great giveaways it certainly earns another point in our book. So imagine our delight when Fresh Leaf Designs tweeted us about giving away their signature Cushion Corset pillows to one of our lucky readers.

Okay, so it was actually a mix of delight and confusion. After all, what’s a cushion corset anyway? It’s actually a very smart and stylish solution to dressing up a plain ol’ pillow. Just like the name indicates, the corset (i.e. a band of bold fabric) wraps around the pillow and ties in the back creating a punchy accent pillow that, if your mood changes, can easily be “re-dressed” in another corset for a completely new look. Easy, right?

Fresh Leaf Designs

And as you can see from these pictures, Fresh Leaf Designs also sells complimentary throw pillows in coordinating fabrics to help bring even more color to your couch, chair or bed.

Fresh Leaf Designs

So if you wanna snag a set of Fresh Leaf’s great designs, just comment on this post with the words “IT’S A CINCH” by Wednesday, April 29th at 8pm EST. And while you’re at it, tell us your easiest trick for dressing up your house in a flash (ex: fresh flowers? a quick window cleaning? a bowl of fruit on the table? simply making the bed?).

Fresh Leaf Designs

One winner will be randomly selected to receive their choice of the two pillow sets shown in this post. This giveaway’s open to all of our international readers as well as everyone in the good ol’ US of A. Please limit one entry per e-mail address. Good luck…

Got questions about this freebie? Learn more on our Giveaway FAQs page. Images courtesy of Fresh Leaf Designs.


  1. says

    It’s A Cinch!

    We just make a mad dash around the house lighting candles, turning on lamps, and putting on some music. Seems to transform our house from everyday to hooray we’re having company!

  2. Alexis says

    IT’S A CINCH! This would be the perfect solution for the 4 white pillows that came with my white sofa and love seat!

  3. says


    I like to use new throw pillows, funny enough, to spruce up the place. But if I have to use what I already have, light candles and clean!

  4. says

    “IT’S A CINCH” When company comes over, the best way I like to dress up the house is by opening windows to let the sunlight in, putting a fresh table cloth on my kitchen table with fresh flowers and some light finger foods on the table help the room feel fresh and comfortable.

  5. Tannis says

    It’s a Cinch!

    Vacuuming is my #1 way to look fresh, clean and organized in a pinch (assuming of course that everything else is already in a ‘normal day’ state of cleanliness).

  6. Jennifer S. says

    It’s a cinch! Fresh flowers are always lovely! I love your idea of just one or two stems in a small vase. When dressing up the house I prefer to “undress” and clear off counters, desk tops and table tops. I think uncluttered, clean surfaces offer offer a breath of fresh air!

  7. Nashelle says

    It’s a cinch! Actually, smoothing out the couch and straightening pillows helps make the living room a feel a little more organized!

  8. says

    Love international giveaways!
    Oh, and nothing better than taking off/putting on the sofa covers. They’re normally some sort of dark-grey-blue, and the covers are a beachy pale grey w/ white stripes. Nice change!

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