Reader Redesign: Beam Me Up

When Liz sent us her stunningly spectacular before and after photos we did a major double take. Here’s her letter:

Ever since I discovered your website a few weeks ago, I have been totally hooked!! Truth be told, your website was partially the inspiration for the blog that I started. After seeing all of the amazing transformations on your Reader Redesigns, I couldn’t wait to send you a few pics of my own redesign! My hubby and I bought a sad little ranch in Dallas, TX last September and spent a few months renovating every square inch, from the linoleum to the fuzzy gold wallpaper to the Astroturf on the patio – it all had to go! We are finally all moved in, and I’m extremely proud of the transformations. No longer a blast from the past, our rooms now perfectly fit our lifestyle and style in general. I’d love to hear what you think!! Keep up the great work! ~ Liz

Here’s the living area looking into the kitchen before


… and after:


Here’s the living area before:


And the same space after the renovation:


Gorgeous! Stunning! Fantastic! Thanks so much for the pictures Liz- and we wish you all the best in your beautiful “new” home.


  1. says

    Wow, now that is what I call a transformation! The “Before” reminds me of my parents’ den. They have the same wooden beams and wood paneling covering the walls. I have begged my mom for years to let me paint the walls and fireplace more flattering colors. Of course, my mom doesn’t believe that you can paint wood paneling. I told her, “Are you kidding me? You can paint anything!” I wonder if I’ll ever be able to convince her? At least they got rid of the shag carpet and got wood floors. But now it’s just too much wood. I’m going to print off this picture and show her it CAN be done!

  2. says

    As Liz knows, I think her transformations are extraordinary – absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad you are showcasing her before and afters – they’re so inspirational!

  3. says

    Yay guys, thanks so much!! I am over the moon from your awesome compliments. :) John and Sherry, you guys are wonderful and thanks so much for posting my renovation on your blog!!

  4. Laura says

    Looks fantastic, and I’m very glad the gorgeous ceiling beams were left untouched. They give the space that little extra touch of class, imho.

  5. says

    If it weren’t for the beams, I wouldn’t think it was the same room. Your new hardwood floors bring it all together so beautifully with the beams. These “before and after” pictures are amazing – thanks for sharing!

    I wonder how many home improvement blogs Sherry and John have inspired?

  6. Erica says

    That is the most astonishing “reader redesign” I’ve seen. I am amazed at their vision…. and both rooms look like they are straight out of a designer magazine! Nice job.

  7. Amanda says

    WOW that is literally jaw dropping! I love so many details there – the splashback, the walls, ceiling, lighting, floorboards… congratulations! It really looks magazine worthy.

  8. says

    Holy crap thats amazing! Love it all. I love how you worked with some of the existing elements (the ceiling beams, the brick) and made it look totally new and fresh. The details from the paneling, now that they are painted, add some nice interest to the walls.

  9. says

    Thanks guys! We debated about whether to keep the paneling and whether to paint the beam, and I’m so glad you guys like the choices we made! The beam needed just a little doctoring – some new stain and a little addition at the end because the original fireplace stuck out about a foot further than our new fireplace – weird, right? My next challenge is to figure out how to hang pictures on that paneling . . . :)

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Liz,

      Thanks again for sharing your fabulous pics! We’re so excited (and not at all surprised) that our readers love your makeover as much as we do!

      We’ve managed to hang things on our painted paneling in our den with some inexpensive plastic anchors and screws. Just be sure about placement so you’re not adding holes left and right while you’re trying to settle on the perfect height. Hope it helps! Happy hanging…


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