Our $13 Food & Water Station For The Dog

A few people noticed the white thing on the floor in the left-hand side of the picture of our new salt lamp and wondered what it was:


That’s actually Burger’s little food & water station. By tucking it behind the media stand, it’s out of the way for humans (yet still easily accessible for one small chihuahua). And we created this little food & water set-up ourselves from a few inexpensive Target items that were not at all meant for mutts.

Two small ribbed ceramic ramekins (at $2 each) + one white rectangular platter ($9) = a delectable little doggy buffet for Burger. And it has really stood the test of time. We’ve had it since 2007 and it’s super easy to wash since it’s not porous like plastic.


Just for fun, here’s the original post about Burger’s little feeding station when we first created it about a month into our blogging adventure. Notice that it has no comments at all- I swear we talked to ourselves for months. Thanks so much to everyone who stops in and reads (and responds to!) our posts. We totally appreciate each and every one of you!

Speaking of you guys, what do you use to dole out food and water to your four-legged friends? Metal dishes? Porcelain bowls? Designer doohickies? Do tell.


  1. says

    so pretty for doggy dishes! we have metal bowls that are designed so they can’t be tipped over by a mischievous puppy. not quite as cute as burger’s set up!

  2. Sarah says

    Sherry-That’s perfect! Since we have a big boxer (which equals a big, sloppy tongue) and a cat who plays in the water, they drink out of a stainless steel bowl sitting inside a kitty litter pan. This keeps the water off the floor and somewhat contained, it is NOT pretty though, like Burger’s, but it is very functional for these two beasts!

  3. Madelaine says

    I have pretty olive green bowls, two small and one large, for food and water for my boys. I have two cats that pickup after themselves. They don’t like to leave dropped food on the non-slip mat. But I love the idea of a platter instead of a mat. I may have to try that myself!

  4. says

    We are using 2 ceramic bowls we got from PetsMart on top of a small sisal rug from Ikea. We used to have a big stainless steel set but it was difficult to clean and annoyed me to no end. We (and the animals) are much happier with our new setup.

  5. rebecca says

    beautiful! but why in the living room? (or den…I forget which?) Is there no floor space in the kitchen? My 2 cats have their own china, several different sets of 2 dishes that I think are pretty. They tell me they prefer the ones shaped like cat faces that I got at Pearl River here in the big apple.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Rebecca,

      Burger has been hanging out/eating in the den ever since we got him because the floors used to be terrible faux-parquet linoleum that we knew we’d be replacing with hardwood (so it was a great room for potty training- and if he drank or ate a bit enthusiastically it was stress free since we hated the floor). Of course we’ve since changed the flooring over to hardwood and he’s totally potty trained (and a very neat eater/drinker) but we decided since he liked his little den eating nook we wouldn’t move him into the kitchen (which also has hardwood floors so it’s really not a difference in the event of a spill). Hope it helps!

      Sherry (& Burger)

  6. Lori says

    We have the stainless steel set, but it is easy to clean – the whole thing comes apart and into the dishwasher. I am afraid of what my Westie would do to Burger’s cute setup. He is very…enthusiastic about eating!

  7. MaryB in Richmond says

    My VERY LARGE puppy usually eats on the sofa, often while watching reruns of “Scrubs.” He’s big and sloppy, but I love him. I do, however, wonder if he’ll be better about cleaning up after himself when he goes off to college next fall!

  8. heather s. says

    My cat’s dishes are stainless steel with the rubber bottom. She enjoys pushing them a bit (I swear she thinks she is a dog) and this prevents them from spilling. I have them on top of a white and clear placemat that I found at KMart of all places for $1.

  9. says

    We have olive green bowls in a holder for our dogs. Our dogs aren’t the neatest eaters so I am afaird to see what they would do with something like Burgers set up. I love it though. I wish we could have something stylish though.

  10. says

    We had a cute ($15) set up made from stainless steel bowl. It was very stylish. However, Cooper would hear his tags on his collar hit the side of the metal bowl and it startled him from eating or drinking unless he was dying of hunger or thirst. When we were out of town I bought some cheap plastic ones from the dollar bin (not overly sylish) and he loves them and is not afraid to eat and drink. So alas, style takes a backseat.

  11. Allison says

    We have ceramic bowls for our cat that says “fat cat” along the front. The thing is she plays with her food so it would be a great idea to put the bowls on a tray or larger plate – like Burger’s!

  12. says

    for our adult dog we have an automatic food and water dispenser, it works great, he usually wants to eat at night.. while we are sleeping. For our new puppy we have 2 little plastic dishes that attach to her crate. We keep one filled with fresh water for her and put her food in the other when its eatting time for her. When she is bigger she will graduate to the aitomatic bowls like her daddy.

  13. says

    I have one large, heavy ceramic bowl. Yes, only one bowl!

    I feed my yellow lab, Emmy, in the morning and at night and mix her 1 cup of dry food with about 2 cups of water. It’s a surefire way to make sure that she stays hyrdrated and doesn’t inhale her food too quickly (she is prone to eat too fast and then start choking/gagging). Might seem strange, but it works like a charm for my crazy pooch!

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