Reader Redesign: A Smokin’ New Kitchen

Jessica accomplished a major kitchen makeover in under 10K- and that’s no easy feat when you’re gutting the place and replacing everything from the appliances to the cabinets and counters. Here’s her letter:

I love your blog! My husband and I purchased our first home this past June and did a lot of work on it to get it ready to live in. I just wanted to share some pictures of our kitchen redo! We got the house in the middle of June and moved in the end of July. We gutted the kitchen and redid it floor to ceiling in about a month and a half. We redid the floors, scraped the popcorn ceilings and retextured, installed new cabinets and countertops, got new appliances, painted, etc. A whole overhaul. Oh, and I was about eight months pregnant when we bought the house! It was pretty crazy! Luckily we have lots of handy family members and friends who came together to help us finish the house before our daughter arrived. We did the whole kitchen for under $10,000- I’m not sure of the exact total… we were just glad to get in the house! I just wanted to, well, show off a bit! Thanks, and keep up the good work! – Jessica



Thanks so much for the gorge makeover pics Jessica! We can’t believe that you totally transformed the heart of your new home in a month and a half and on a budget… all while eight months pregnant! My hero.


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Ele,

      We just emailed Jessica to let her know that her Reader Redesign is up- hopefully she’ll drop in from time to time and answer any and all source questions!


  1. SSM says

    You cannot put a great kitchen re-do on there without some more facts! I would love to know where they got the cabinets. I am seriously dying to do a kitchen renovation and this blog helps me show my husband it won’t cost him an arm and a leg.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Fear not, we emailed Jessica for some source details so those are hopefully forthcoming. Until then feel free to shout out anything you’d like to know so Jessica can answer everyone in one fell swoop!


  2. says

    what a fabulous looking kitchen! we are in the midst of deciding how to redo ours … do you happen to know what kind of countertops they used. is it granite? what kind and color?


  3. Mark says

    Great job Jessica!

    I am interested on hearing about how the counter top construction went. I am thinking of doing the same granite tile in my kitchen, but I am nervous. How did you polish the exposed sides of the field tiles?

  4. Emily says

    Can’t wait to hear about the rug from Jessica. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, budget-friendly renovation, Sherry!

  5. says

    What an amazing transformation for under $10k!! Well done, Jessica and hubby!! Removing the wall on the right-hand side and creating an island instead of a peninsula really accomplished your goal of creating an open, inviting kitchen.

  6. Jessica says

    Wow! Thanks everyone for the great compliments and feedback! I got the fabulous green rug at Urban Outfitters online, but sadly they don’t seem to carry it anymore! :-( Our counter tops are granite tile, and we went through a local company, so I’m not sure what brand/color they are. I love that they were a fraction of the price of a slab of granite, and looks just as great! The curtains were a $5 clearance find at Target, but they were too wide, so I chopped some of the sides off, hemmed it up, and they looked much more modern! Thanks and I’ll check back to see if there are any more questions!


  7. Jessica says

    Oh, and we got the cabinets from Lowe’s-just their in stock cabinets, but we got them in 2 days, which was great!


  8. Blair says

    love this makeover! by the way, youngsters, if all goes as planned, there will be a kitchen before and after from my house to share with you sunday afternoon! and it’s a classic: just a $20 can of paint to help emphasize the goods we already have…

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