Adding A Few Homemade Botanicals Around The House

Thanks to the fact that our master bedroom has a huge floor length mirror (a surprise wedding gift from John so I could see myself before walking out the back door to get hitched)…


… the second mirror to the right of the bedroom door seemed a bit superfluous.


So we seized the opportunity to replace it with one of our homemade botanical prints in an inexpensive Ikea frame. I like it so much that I want another frame to hang right under it with a different botanical on display. But I’ll have to wait for our next Ikea trip…


We intentionally sized our homemade botanicals to fit into these great square Ikea frames for a luxe look on the cheap. A bit of nature does a bedroom good, and it’s especially convenient when you don’t even have to water it.


Maybe it’s the bulbs poking through our flowerbeds or the forsythia starting their annual show, but I also decided to swap out the art over my desk for something a little less glacial. We took the existing photo on our Alaskan honeymoon (snapped from the window of a tiny sea plane as we flew over a glacier covered in volcanic ash). Needless to say it’s one of our favorite images from the trip, but spring fever has me chasing something a bit more tropical…

desk west elm office young house love

So I pulled a two minute art swap using another botanical we made. And I’m loving the lighter leafy vibe…


botanical young house love print shop tropical chic

What about you guys? Does spring fever have you switching out accessories or art in your home? What sort of seasonal things do you do to usher in the warmer weather? Dish the spring-is-on-the-way dirt.

We added our den’s corner office area to the room-by-room source guide (found in a link on the top of our House Tour page) so you can now see where we snagged everything from those boxes and tins to our desk and our lamp.


  1. heather s. says

    I keep forgetting to say that my office chair looks a lot like your ottoman and I got it from TJMaxx as well for a steal. :) I was also happy to see a hamper in someone’s home other than my own. You rarely see those and I always wonder what people do with their laundry (though my house appears to have had a laundry chute before someone dry-walled over it.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Niiice. I saw the chair version of my ottoman at TJ Maxx and also adored it! So glad you took one home and worked it into your office!

      As for your possible laundry chute discovery, when I was a kid ALL I wanted in a house was a laundry chute. I thought they were so cool. Sadly mom’s new house ended up having a central vacuuming system instead (which my mom thought was amazing but I thought paled in comparison to my laundry chute aspirations).


  2. Jennifer says

    They look great. I think it would look better if you put 2 botanical prints where the little mirror used to be on the wall in your bedroom. Just move the one you already put there a bit higher and add another underneath!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Jennifer,

      You’re a mind reader! That’s actually the long term plan, but I can’t stare at a blank wall in my office all day, so until our next trip to Ikea I’ll just have to live with one! So funny that we’re on the same page though. I promise to post updated pics when we get the other frame.


  3. Aimee says

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that the spring redecorating bug has bit! :) I’ve been spending the week rearranging accessories into more spring-like groupings, changing out pillows (I admit, I have a pillow problem), and buying some fresh spring flowers for the house (when they were 50% off after valentine’s day!). And now I’m making a trip over to your source page to see where those awesome tins are from…

  4. says

    I love the botanical theme! My wife and I have something similar, we were inspired by a bedroom layout that we saw at a local Anthropologie store and we now have a wall full of various floral paintings, it’s pretty cool… We look forward to seeing more.

  5. says

    Love looove the huge mirror propped up against the wall. Is that from Ikea?

    I just got the green light to decorate our bedroom (it’s our first house, yucky builder white walls) and I am going to use your bedroom as inspiration. Wish a sister luck!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Kristina,

      Our floor length mirror is actually the pricier version of the Ikea one from West Elm (what can I say, the future hubs went all out!) but we’ve seen the Ikea one and it’s extremely similar! Wishing you lots of luck on your bedroom makeover. Be sure to take lots of before and after pics for us and send ’em our way when you’re done!


  6. says

    I have been adding flowers and plants in my house. I put a silk orchid in the guest bathroom (it doesn’t have any windows!) a burro tail and (I think) a bamboo palm in the kitchen, and a vase full of dried grasses in the master bathroom. The problem is that the cats usually like to eat any plants or flowers that I bring into the house so its hard to keep them looking nice. I don’t think the poor bamboo palm has had a chance to grow at all.

  7. Barbara says

    What spring? Where? While the snow is gone in Connecticut, it is still quite cold and we’re still being grateful for not having to mow the lawn. Love your updates though and all the ideas that I can actually afford.

  8. heather s. says

    I forgot to answer — my house is predominately beige and red in the living room, dining room and kitchen and blues in the bedrooms, office and bathroom. I really want to paint the office a neutral color and decorate with green. Green is everywhere and I just saw some beautiful green vases and boxes at Target. Nothing says spring more to me than green and flowers. :)

  9. Carmil says

    Well– for 6 weeks I had the joy of narcissus bulbs growing and blooming, but sadly– they are finished now. (These were a January steal at Smith and Hawkins for $3/bag versus the original price of 23 or 28 bucks) Those pretty green stems carried me through most of Jan and Feb. Now I’m looking to this page for more inspiration! I have an allergy to plastic or silk floral anything, so I need new alternatives. A few pots of shamrocks may be in my future……

  10. says

    Hey there, I was just wondering, what colour the walls are in your bedroom? It’s hard to tell as the lighting varies the colour in each photo. I’ve recently started blogging and one of the diy tasks at hand is re-painting our bedroom. Our duvet cover is a muted shade of blue with ivory stripes, so I’m currently at a loss. I like the overall colour scheme that you guys have in your master suite. Thanks!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Newlyb,

      Our bedroom is a soft blue-gray hue with sea-green undertones that literally changes with the light. It’s called Gentle Tide by Glidden and we loved it so much that it’s the only room we haven’t repainted after three years in our home (it’s so hard to get things right the first time!). We even used it in our kitchen renovation because we knew it was foolproof. Hope it helps! Happy painting…


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