Two Ways To Store Jewelry

The other day I got to wondering, how do you guys store your jewelry? I picked up a ceramic egg crate from The Container Store about five years ago and it has served as my “jewelry box” ever since. It’s perfect for containing my limited collection (I’m all about earrings, but I generally never have more than a dozen in rotation) and the finish works perfectly with my love of all things white and ceramic.


What you’re actually seeing above is my “night table” of sorts. Since we flanked the bed with two curtained wardrobes from Ikea, we each use one of the concealed shelves to house a few things that we typically grab before we hit the hay. Which explains that white ceramic bowl on the left. It’s actually just a bowl from the kitchen that I repurposed to store my contact case, face lotion, and lip gloss at arm’s reach. It’s kinda funny when you think that both of these handy storage items are really meant for the kitchen.

And you may wonder where my engagement ring and wedding ring go before bed, well, John and I actually sleep, shower, paint, and do everything else with ’em on. In fact, John’s ring hasn’t left his hand since I slipped it on at our wedding a year and a half ago (!) and mine only comes off about twice a year for an inspection at the jewelry store (to make sure nothing’s loose from all that constant wear). Is that weird? We know we’re definitely in the minority here (based on the strange looks we get from friends and family when we mention this fact), but we’re wondering if there are others like us out there. Come out of the woodwork fellow perma-ring-wearers and make us feel less strange!

But back to the jewelry storage subject at hand. Here’s how John’s sister Emily stores hers. She’s the lucky owner of a fabulous pull-out drawer with space for her extensive collection of baubles and bling (she also chose Ikea wardrobes for her master bedroom, but she opted for super modern frosted glass doors instead of curtains):


Are you green with envy? Cause I am. Would it not be amazing to be have so much space to store your stuff? Although I’m sure John’s thanking his lucky stars that I only have a little egg crate to keep my jewelry buying habit at bay. Now it’s your turn- tell us all about how you store your gems and jewels. From wooden boxes to cool display trees (like this one or this one from Urban Outfitters) we’d love to hear what works for you.

Check out a great DIY hanging jewelry box project here on Newlywedisms by Bryn.

Update: We’re not the only ones who love a white ceramic egg crate as a jewelry organizer! Our friends at Better Homes & Gardens featured this idea in their April 2009 issue.


  1. Sarah says

    I like the egg crate idea, but it wouldn’t work in our narrow walk in closet. I use a small bulletin board and T pins to hang all my jewelry which makes it easy for me to coordinate with my clothes which hang on the opposite wall in the closet. For the jewelry I wear everyday (wedding ring, watch) I have a repurposed crystal candy dish that sits on my dresser so I can grab those items easily in the morning. Also, I take my rings off all the time – when I shower, when doing something messy, when cooking something messing. I have this fear of doing something to them so I prefer just to take them off and be safe. I’m no less married when I am not wearing them!

  2. Melissa says

    The majority of my jewelry gets stored in my jewelry cabinet. I have alot of necklaces stored in my closet just because I can’t fit the boxes in my cabinet. I want a lingerie chest but i’m looking to find a thrifter instead of purchasing an expensive one so i’m still looking.

    As far as my engagement/wedding rings. We eat/sleep/shower/etc in ours as well. I actually think it is weird not to but then again I don’t wear a huge blinger.

  3. says

    Constant ring wearers here, I panic when I put my thumb on my ring finger to realize my ring is missing on the rare occasion that it’s not on (cleaning and inspection quarterly)! I keep all of my jewelry in a monogrammed Pottery Barn jewelry box that I love.

  4. Marta says

    I am wearing my wedding band and a ring also constantly, even in lab where I deal with different sorts of chemicals (I try to wear the gloves at all times) warthog (my hubby) does the same. Honestly saying I have never known anyone that would take of their rings. Thats weird for me!!

  5. says

    I love the egg crate idea! I’m also coming out of the woodwork to say 1) that I love love love your blog and 2) that I am a perma-ring wearer, too. Ever since I heard a horror story from a friend of how she left it in a Hardee’s bathroom (of all places! ick!) when she took it off to wash her hands, I haven’t taken mine off. You’re in good company. :)

  6. Rachel says

    My jewelry is in a cute little candy box my husband brought back from Hong Kong, I love it! It opens up to so many different little compartments. I used to have the same egg carton, but worried that my jewelry was getting dusty, it’s so cute though!

  7. says

    My husband’s and my rings never leave our fingers! Perhaps they’re a bit worse for the wear (after much landscaping, gardening, and tough projects, they show some scuffs), but isn’t that the idea? They are to be symbols of enduring love… which, like anything else, goes through plenty of trials, shows some wear and tear, but still looks beautiful!

  8. Anna says

    I keep my wedding and engagement ring on at all times too. They were my grandmother’s and I’m more nervous having them off and than keeping them on. At least if they’re on my finger, I know exactly where they are.

  9. NEPD says

    Love the egg crate idea. Might have to use that at home. My stud earrings are in a small jewelry box, my hanging earrings hang from a sculpted female figure covered in mesh. My necklaces – this idea I think works so well – hang on thin cafe curtain rod that I placed in between the walls of the shelf that i have my earrings, lotion, etc on. this way they don’t get tangled, the don’t kink from laying in a drawer, or from a hook or something else hard, and I can see them all at once.

  10. heather s. says

    I have a small white bowl that my dangly earrings are displayed in and a circle jewelry box for rings/bracelets/earrings (it is hard to describe but each section rotates out). Necklaces are in a jewelry portfolio (similar to this: so that they do not get tangled and they are out of the way.

    I take my rings off when cooking if I need to get my hands into something really messy (hamburger meat or when mixing things by hand) and when I am doing house/yard work. I constantly bang my hands into things so I prefer not to knock the stone loose (which has happened).

  11. jo says

    I’m de-lurking to say, I don’t think you’re in the minority. I don’t take my ring off except when I’m making pastry or cooking something that requires me getting my hands in! In fact, I feel really bizarre when I’m not wearing it.!

  12. says

    i don’t think you guys are weird! my dad hasn’t taken his ring of in 28 years since my mom slipped it on him. i play rugby, though, so mine has to come off for practice and games. alas!

  13. says

    We’re perma-ring wearers too! I’m way too forgetful to risk setting them down somewhere and forgetting where that somewhere was. :)

    I have the white tree stand from Urban Outfitters and it keeps my excess of necklaces in check! I also have a small box for earrings but love your ceramic egg crate idea…I have a pair of decorative ceramic egg storers from Anthropologie that I have tried in vain to use in the fridge – re-purpose!

  14. sarah says

    i wear my ring all the time too! i took it in to get it cleaned once and the lady started getting in a hustle because she thought the diamond had chipped. Turns out it was just a speck of black paint! :)

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