We Got Framed

Christmas came early this year for our adorable niece Olivia when we handed over four of our very own graphic retro prints that we DIYed thanks to Photoshop:


Here she is now, modeling her cheeky vintage-inspired art collection.


When we asked her to pick her favorite one she said “It’s a tie between the phone and the chandelier… and the chair and the cuckoo clock. A four-way tie.” So she got ’em all. Don’t they look great lined up on her previously naked white wall? Her mom’s entire home is super sleek and modern, so they adore that the prints lend a few pops of color in clean white frames on their colorless wall. The best part is that we designed them to effortlessly slip into affordable Ikea frames, so getting them up on the wall was no sweat.


  1. elizabeth says

    I have a question that is totally unrelated to this post…Does anyone know where you can find faux christmas trees that are made in the usa or are made of something non-pvc like silk?

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey everyone,

    So glad you’re diggin’ our prints! And Meadow, they do actually match the comforter exactly- but that was no accident- we redesigned Olivia’s room on the cheap a few months ago! Here’s the post all about it:


    The frames were just the finishing touch that the room needed. And cute Olivia couldn’t agree more. That girl has quite an eye for style these days…


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