9 Ways We Added Some Festive Holiday Decor At Home

Here are just a few of the ways that we got into the seasonal spirit without breaking the bank. Of course my little concrete greyhound (a surprise Valentine’s Day prezzie from John) got the holiday treatment. A recycled piece of ribbon that we received last year looked just groovy around his neck for a liberal dose of holiday glitz.

And our glass based lamps (which are conveniently hollow on the bottom) look ready for Santa with a few inexpensive silver balls inside (purchased for less than a dollar by the dozen at Target).

We also placed our stockings by the chimney with care, using simple silver stocking hooks (also from Target). We intentionally chose neutral stockings to keep the focus on our silver Christmas tree, and love how the repetition of the same item looks along with some sparkling mercury glass candlesticks on the mantel.

Here’s a close up of those simple silver stocking hooks I snagged at Target last year (for around $5 a pop). I also made handwritten stocking name tags with some card stock that I cut and strung over each hook for easy (and charming) stocking identification. Total cost: $0.

We’re also huuuge fans of a feather tree (or three). In fact John surprised me with the white one last Christmas (I’m starting to realize how often he surprises me with lovely things- love ya honey!). The green one is a hand-me-down from John’s stylish and fabulous sister, and the brown one was scored on sale after Christmas last year for around $5. Grouped on a table they look quite festive (we always love things en masse) and we especially like that all three colors look right at home in our neutral, green, and white living room. Oh and we even tucked a large silver ornament into the bowl for another splash of holiday shine in a snap.

But the holiday swankification didn’t stop in the living room. Even the kitchen got in on the action with a cute little display of ornaments and white ceramic pears (just $2 a pop at Marshall’s) placed on a simple cake stand for an instant holiday arrangement. Anyone can do this in under a minute, and inexpensive cake stands can be found everywhere from HomeGoods to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

We also filled the oversized clam shell-turned-fruit-bowl in the kitchen (another surprise from the hubs- smooches babe!) into an ornament trough with frosted and shiny silver balls for a truly pearl-like effect.

And because humor and whimsy can add even more of that festive feeling, we gave the metal bull in our den some holiday bling in the form of ornament earrings that cost next to nothing but elicit oh-so-many complements.

And our last swift holiday decorating idea took place on the mantel in the den, where we replaced two white pillar candles with a handful of silver balls in each hurricane for even more holiday sizzle.

So there you have it. A few easy and affordable holiday decorating ideas that you can implement on a dime and in an instant. We’d love to hear what you guys do to add seasonal sparkle to your home this time of year. Share and share alike!


  1. Kirstin says

    I love those simple stocking holders too! I found a 2-pack at Wal-Mart for $6. They had bronze (which I got), silver, and gold. I have had a hard time finding ones that weren’t corny or super expensive, so I was glad to see plain low-profile ones.

  2. says

    this is very off topic but I am curious as to what that large P thing you have framed in your room is. Its in the 3rd picture down on the wall behind the tree. It looks really neat! Have a close up?!

  3. Barbara says

    I love your Christmas sparkle. I would love to see more detail on the candles in your fireplace. I know it has been done many times before but I just didn’t pay attention then. DH has decided that too much heat goes up the chimney when we have a real fire. I’m longing for the warmth and glow.

    You also seem to have better finds and better prices at your Walmart and Target. I’ve been looking to upgrade from our hardware store cuphooks and have seen nothing as nice as yours.

    Keep up the great inspiration.

  4. YoungHouseLove says

    Laurel- The large P by the door is actually a little DIY art project that we came up with a while back. We found an intro paragraph with a big graphic P in a magazine, took it to a copy shop to get it blown up 300% and then framed it for extra drama. Not bad for a photocopy, eh? And due to popular demand we’ve actually created Magazine Monograms for each letter of the alphabet that we sell in our shop for just $15 with free shipping (printed on quality archival paper no less). To check them out just click the “shop” tab under the header. Happy hunting!

    Barbara- All we did is toss a few pillar candles of varying heights on a silver serving tray and stick ’em in the fireplace. Easy peasy. For a more detailed shot of them you can click the link below:


    John- And to you my sweet hubs, a big wet smooch for all that you do every day. From the sweet surprises to the late night chats in bed, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly. Now stop blushing. I mean it. Quit it.


  5. heather s. says

    I like your ornament decorating ideas here a little better than the ones that made the magazine. Very cute ideas that I’m definitely going to borrow this year!

  6. rebecca says

    Love all your ideas, and your house looks lovely! I love bringing out all the holiday things I have collected over the years and deciding what I will do with them this year. Sometimes I decorate the tree only with the 100s of crystal icicles I have collected over the years and then have the other decorative accents be silvery and cool, or I do total kitsch with the more traditional and handmade ornaments on the tree and the other decorative accents are more red/green. I don’t use everything I have every year, so each year is a new surprise and I have to buy very few things. Also, I live in a small NYC apt, so I have less decorating square footage. Merry Christmas!

    • says

      Hey Casey,

      We got the white one at a cute local shop here in Richmond (called Buford Road Pharmacy) but we’ve seen similar versions (like the green and brown ones and even a white version) at none other than Target! So keep an eye out to hopefully score some there when it gets closer to the holidays. Hope it helps!


  7. Mary says

    Where did you get the hurricanes above the fireplace? I don’t think they are listed on your source list. I am having trouble finding ones this size and style. Thanks!!

  8. Belinda says

    Hey guys!
    I am intrigued by the picture that is hanging behind your Christmas tree. What does it say? I am trying to make myself something similar with the slogan ‘living the dream’. Sounds corny, i know, but it has meaning for me and my hubs. My technolgical skills are not that crash hot so struggling. If anyone has some handy hints for me, that would be great!

  9. says

    I guess great, corny minds think alike. I just started reading your blog over the last year. I recently commented on a post that featured the bull. I suggested putting ornament ball earrings on him to celebrate the holiday season, but didn’t realize he/she already sported them. I should obviously be taking fashion cues from the bull…not the other way around :)

  10. Casey says

    Your decorating of the animals reminds me of a tradition at my father’s house. One year we were packing up halloween decorations and a plastic jack-o-lantern didnt fit in the box so it just got left on the mantle. At christmas time (we decorate mid-november so this was only two weeks later) I stuck a santa hat on it. Thus began the tradition of dressing the jack-o-lantern. He has also been dressed like a bunny for easter, and in sunglasses for summer. Also, for some weird reason my dad bought him devil horns for halloween- at which point i pointed out that it was a pumpkin…haha

    but it’s cute! most people dont even notice the pumpkin!

  11. LA says

    Hi,please be careful with those stocking holders…excited little children can pull them down. Our family had to go to the ER on Christmas morning for a major gash and stitches on our little boy’s forehead.

    Your house is beautiful.

    Merry Christmas.

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