Reader Redesign: Bedroom Bliss On A Budget

When Erin sent us her fabulous master bedroom before & after pics we couldn’t wait to share ’em with you guys. Here’s her letter:

We were looking to redo our master bedroom to make it more comfy and cozy.  First we removed the carpets and put in our furniture and blinds and left it alone for a while… not really knowing where to go from there. Then, I feel in LOVE with the coral slipper chair you found from Target and decided to design the room around that. Hope you enjoy the pictures, we love just laying in bed and reading now. We’re still looking to add a few thinsg to the wall but just love the simple look of it even without the added art. Enjoy! – Erin

What a difference some paint and a few furniture items can make! And those wood floors look fantastic… can you believe someone would cover them up with maroon carpeting? We’re so excited that a steal of a slipper chair from Target could aid in such a fantastic transformation. Thanks so much for sending those pics our way, Erin. And have fun relaxing in that fabulous master bedroom of yours!


  1. MaryB in Richmond says


    Maybe this … maybe THIS will finally get me off my tushie and get me started on MY bedroom re-do!

    This is fabulous! Nice, nice work.

  2. Cecile says

    What an amazing makeover! Thanks so much for sharing your own home transformations and projects along with a lot of other inspiring “reader redesigns”! You guys totally got my vote over on Apartment Therapy. Good luck!

  3. Julia says

    Love it! I second Cecile. Thanks so much for sharing so many of your own makeovers along with lots of fabulous reader transformations!

    I’m feeling totally empowered to tackle all my home improvement resolutions (gussy up my bedroom, swankify my home office, etc) thanks to your site!

  4. Ash I. says

    We’re getting ready to move into a house where the master bedroom is that exact color blue!! I will definitely be purchasing that amazing chair ASAP! cheers!

  5. Monica says

    Lovely. Would you mind sharing the color of blue? I have been looking for a nice blue for our basement, and I really like this one!

  6. Erin says

    Thanks for the great comments – the paint is actually “feather grey” from Benjamin Moore’s Pottery Barn colors. You can see in some angles it does look grey but others it looks more blue.

  7. says

    Love this room. Too much “little” clutter on the dresser however. And I personally prefer it with no art on the walls, it’s very soothing and clean looking.

  8. Alysia says

    Eeek! Erin, where did you buy your bed frame?! It is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a cheaper version of PB’s Hudson bed and failed. Pray tell!

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