Kiss Me You Fool…

… that was Burger’s motivation for his latest greeting card photoshoot which resulted in this stellar mistletoe related greeting card that we sent to family and friends:


And while this year’s “Merry Kissmas” card was a fun way to send smooches to all of our family and friends, of course we still have a special place in our hearts for last year’s Rudolph themed card (that we created thanks to a dog who loves to pose and our penchant for Photoshop):


Each of these annual holiday cards were just jpgs that we saved on a CD and took to CVS where we inserted them into one of their preformated Kodak holiday cards. Then we just printed out a slew of ’em for something like 18 cents each. Can’t beat that deal with a stick.

What do you guys do when it comes to sending holiday cheer to your friends and family? From glittering greeting cards to cookies by mail, tell us how you send your seasonal sentiments.


  1. says

    I wish we were as creative as you! We usually spend an afternoon taking a bunch of pictures with the shutter-delay. We edit them with Picasa, choose the best, and get our 50 photo cards from Costco.

    This year instead of the traditional newsletter (which I hate but always seem to end up doing, for lack of a better idea) DH wrote a cute little 6-line poem summing up our year. (He’s a musician on the side.) I LOVE it so I hope we stick with that idea next year.

  2. says

    Very cute! For the last couple of years, our daughter Meredith has been front and center in our Christmas cards. For her first Christmas, we photographed her gazing in awe at Christmas lights. Last Christmas we dressed her up in a Tom Arma snowman costume – poor kiddo! This year, Mike donned a Santa suit and joined Meredith for a Christmas-y photoshoot. Check our site later today – we’ll be sharing a few photos.

    We make all of our cards in photoshop. We’ve used to print cards before, but this year we went with a local printer. Their turn around time was much quicker, and we didn’t have to deal with expensive shipping charges.

  3. says

    My husband and I go with every year! You can’t beat the quality for the price… and they always have great designs. We did a little photo collage this year with our Christmas card– including shots of us during different trips that we took throughout the year.

    I’m a huge advocate of vistaprint!

  4. Blayne says

    Last year I made cards with card stock, ribbon, and rubber stamps… It was time comsuming but I felt like I was sending out something personal. This year, time got away from me… But the photoshop ideas are great!

  5. Tina O. says

    Last year I sent out an ‘environmentally friendly’ christmas email with pix of the kids-it was not well received at all! Which was very disappointing to me. Anyway, this year I waited until the very last minute and tried to design them on Shutterfly like I used to do. Well, the site kept kicking me off the internet every time I tried to do something. So, I went to Kodak, created my card at 9:37 AM. At 9:44 AM I received an email telling me they were ready for me to pick up at Target! How’s that for amazing? I was quite impressed.

    But, I must admit I do really enjoy receiving the cards with all the pictures of our friends’ children who are out of town-it’s nice to see how they grown.

  6. says

    I stamp and make my own greeting cards, as a side business,so we send those out. As well, this year we did up containers of baked goods for our friends and distributed those as well. Although, my bf went back and forth over the idea, so by the time he decided to do it, we didn’t have any cute packaging at home. Next year, we’ll be better prepared.

  7. says

    I’ve gotten more response to my 2010 card than any. (I know you posted this a year before that, but I’m trying to catch up!!!) My dilemma was trying to work out getting four animals on one card. I scoured the internet for background images that I could use. I designed all of it on my laptop and then printed them off on the photo cards. I got lucky and found more of those cards & envelopes in 20pks for $1 recently, so I’ll be able to do them for 5 cents per card this year!

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