Six Fun Christmas Decor Ideas With Ornaments & Moss

We couldn’t let the holiday season pass on by without taking on a few more fun and festive decorating projects. And by projects I mean super simple stuff that takes less than a few minutes and incorporates everyday items you already have around the house. In fact, all we picked up was a bag of moss from Michael’s for under $5 and some small silver toned ornaments from Target for $4.99.


Then we just grabbed one of the cylinder vases that we had laying around and added a few inches of moss topped with a handful of glistening mini ornaments:


Adorable on a side table, mantel, coffee table, and even as the Christmas dinner centerpiece. And so easy!


If you don’t happen to have a cylinder vase handy, a variety of other vessels will do. A glass bowl would work just as well. Even a large glass hurricane (which called for a bit more moss and a few more ornaments) looked fresh and festive:


Here’s another ornament related idea that doesn’t even call for moss at all. Popping one simple-yet-stunning ball into a decorative bowl on a side table adds sparkle and shine in about ten seconds flat.


But sometimes side tables and buffets have to multipurpose around the holidays. If guests are coming over and finger food needs a place to live, why not add a bit of holiday glitz to the mix by filling a large serving plate with small ornaments and then adding a cup full of popcorn, candy canes,  mixed nuts, breadsticks, twizzlers, or red and green jelly beans:


What is it about windowsills this time of year? We consistently ignore ours (save for some weekly dusting) but then December rolls around and we want to dress ’em up with something wintery and wonderful. Instead of candles we decided to create something that gleams in the daylight too. A little mercury glass vase (that we snagged a few months ago at Target for $3) plus some moss and a few more mini ornaments equals a darling little seasonal showstopper. And you can create a whole bunch of “topiaries” with just one bag of moss if you stuff each vase with paper and then just cover the top with moss). You know we’re all about getting more for our moolah.


And if you’re looking for a more illuminating project, popping a pillar candle into a glass bowl, hurricane or vase along with a tiny bit of moss and a few more mini ornaments instantly creates a great little holiday accent:


We hope you guys are having as much fun with your seasonal sprucing as we are! And we’d love to know if you have any other easy and affordable holiday decorating ideas up your sleeves. Tis the season to spill the beans…


  1. says

    I love the texture contrast of the moss and ornaments–so unexpected. The candle is my fave of your ideas. I do the same thing in summer with small rocks from Lake Michigan, but this is a nice holiday alternative. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ann Marie says

    I love your decorations. Such great ideas. Will have to steal. Where did you get the lovely green tree of feathers? I love it!!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Ann Marie,

      The green feather tree was actually a hand-me-down from my sister in law who snagged two last year at Target (and gave them both to us this year). Hooray for recycling! We’ve actually seen a variety of feather trees there again this year so you’ll probably have no trouble finding one of your own. Happy hunting…


  3. RIC to DC says

    Stick a cored apple into a tall glass candleholder, and put a candle through the center of the apple. Easy peasy and totally cute! Stole the idea from Gunston Hall Plantation in Mason Neck, VA. :)

  4. says

    I love the idea with the popcorn, and the mercury glass looks absolutely gorgeous with the silver balls in it. My mom got a few of those feather trees at Target last year also and I’m trying to convince her she doesn’t need them for her house, but rather mine…

  5. Debkb says

    I do something similar to your large vase idea. I use a large platter with 3 candles in various heights and widths. Cut some boxwood or a bit of pine and tuck around the base of the candles and top off with glass balls of various sizes. It also works well on a cake stand if you want height.
    Love the feather tree. Saw them a Target recently, but alas, not in any color that I wanted! But I’m crafty, I’ll make a few in multiple sizes for a grouping.


  6. Sara says

    I love these ideas. Where did you snag your lamps? I have been looking for some that I can fill. I like the color of your glass though instead of the clear, which is all I can seem to find.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Sara,

      We got the lamps at Linens N Things about a year and a half ago (we actually registered for ’em and got two of the last ones before they discontinued the Nate Berkus line). Maybe you can find some on eBay though? Or somewhere like Overstock? You can also search for “glass based lamps” and see what comes up. Happy hunting!


  7. says

    I had never seen this post before, thanks for linking from the recent Target post- these are great ideas! I have so many ideas for the holidays this year, I just don’t know where I’ll be able to find enough space to execute them!

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