House Crashing: A Modern Masterpiece

We got to talking with Erik Johnson, the photographer for DIY who shot our house last month, and it turns out he lives about two hours north of us just outside DC. Well not only is he a fantastic photographer, he has a pretty amazing eye for design himself- we nearly lost it when he passed us his iPhone full of pictures of his gorgeous home. And since we’re all about show and tell, we decided to share the wealth and pass the eye candy along to you guys too. Let the swoonfest begin:

Nestled in Alexandria, Virginia, Erik’s home is one of many Charles Goodman designed homes in the Hollin Hills neighborhood. Built in the 40s, this fantastic architectural feat is surrounded by native plantings and grasses for some seriously fab curb appeal.

Many of his furnishings are thrift store scores and even Craigslist finds- like this sleek Crate & Barrel couch!

His kitchen is simple and utilitarian, but loaded with swanky upgrades like a top of the line stove and fridge.

Descend the floating wood stairs and you’ll find yourself in a cozy little “library” of sorts filled with more second hand finds.

One of the truly amazing things about the house’s design are all the mondo windows that wash every room with a generous dose of natural light. Gorge.

Aren’t Erik’s pictures (and his home) fantastic? We can hardly wait to see how his shots of our humble abode came out! Stay tuned…


  1. elizabeth says

    wow. this is my favorite house EVER. i usually think that modern houses are furnished in a cold, not-so-cozy way, but this one is amazing. it should be featured in dwell.

  2. Monica says

    Can you ask him about his art? I’m wondering who did those pieces, and what else he has, since he obviously has a good eye.

  3. Travis says

    Weird handrailing on the stairs – neat feature. I like the house a lot, but wonder if I would spend the day at home walking around in sunglasses!

  4. Beth says

    I went to the open house for this place when it was for sale a year or so ago. Couldn’t afford it but wanted to see a really swanky Hollin Hills place. It is as great as it looks in the pics or better. I think it’s the nicest place in the whole neighborhood, and it’s a great neighborhood.

  5. Liz Albert says

    Where are the stools in the kitchen from? We just finished a kitchen remodel of our 1957 rancher and are looking for some simple bar stools.

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