Steal Of The Week: Contain Yourself

Our major deal of the week hails from Walmart, where we recently stumbled upon these giant glass containers in the glass/tupperware aisle and just had to take home two of ’em for our cereal.

Sure, we already have a few glass containers that we use to store sugar and flour, but for just $6.97 each (they’re big gallon jars!) we couldn’t seem to leave the store without ’em. They beat the pants off the prices of similar jugs from West Elm, and it’s nice to keep our cereal fresh without the use of off-gassing or leeching plastic containers (which we used to use in the cabinets) so displaying our cereal in easy-on-the eyes glass containers just makes us happy. What can we say?

We were originally gonna snag some of those stainless steel cereal scoops (we saw some at The Container Store) but it’s actually quite convenient to pour the cereal directly from the jar into our bowls- so the scoops would have just been an extra step (although I think they would have looked adorable).

So there you have it, our steal of the week. We’d link to ’em but they’re nowhere to be found online so just hit up the glass/tupperware aisle in your local store to snatch a few your yourself! And don’t forget to send us the pics of them living happily on your kitchen counter…


  1. says

    I love those jars. I used to use them to store food but found they weren’t air tight enough to keep my granola from getting soggy here on the humid CA coast. Now I use them for seasonal decor displays.

  2. Sam says

    They would be perfect for a terrarium. I’ve been wanting to make one but hadn’t found the right container. Thanks!

  3. Alysia says

    Do they have a rubber sealer? I’ve been meaning to store my flour and sugar, but want to keep it fresh and I haven’t been able to find jars that do that.

  4. Denise says

    I use those exact same jars to store my flours and sugar. I also use the chrome measuring scoops. I bake a lot and the large opening is perfect for measuring out my dry ingredients. I can just measure and let the extra fall back in – no mess! They also have a smaller size that I use to store my cappuccino mix – love them.

    Laundry detergent would also look spiffy in them for the laundry room!

  5. Christy says

    Alysia, They don’t have a rubber seal. I bought something similar for snacks & treats for my lil’ dude at World Market that has a seal, a little bit more moola, but they seal.

    I love those Anchor Hocking jars, I have one in the laundry room for my detergent too! :)

  6. Sara says

    So before the environmentalists of the world decide on a public stoning for me…What is bad about storing my cereal in my plastic Tupperware containers? I really love my first in, first out cereal storer. Thanks for helping this not so green girl!

  7. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey guys,

    So glad you’re diggin’ our steal of the week feature! And we’re so excited to hear about the World Market versions with a seal- thanks for all the tips peeps! It’s great to find out what’s available and snatch up whatever works best for you!

    But before you snag anything unnecessary, Sarah makes a great point! We’re definitely not encouraging people to go out and buy a buncha stuff that they don’t need, so being sure that you have a place for each item that you bring home is a great way to keep clutter under control (and excess packaging and products out of landfills).

    And to fill Sara in about the plastic cereal dispensers, there have been recent studies that link plastic containers to hormonal imbalances (especially in children and pets) due to the chemicals that they leech (release) into your food and the air that you breathe in your home. The average home’s indoor air is 4 times more polluted than the air outside- even in big cities! So anything that we can do to detox our homes is definitely worth looking into!

    The good news is that it’s getting easier and easier to create a super healthy home, so stay tuned for a post all about a few other changes that we made to help green up our house in the coming week…


  8. says

    i love mine and have my whole pantry in them! i use the ones from ikea because they have the rubberseal and are super cheap. the ikea ones keep our stuff as fresh as the container store ones at a fraction of the cost.

  9. says

    They look so pretty! And classy… and convenient! We have a collection os missmatched containers, some we got from my grandma’s home (easily recogniceable) and some we bought, with stainless steel lid and very pretty (and with a buy 2 get 1 free offer they were around 4$ each, so not bad). We think they look fun in our kitchen…
    See, we had to go with a “fun” theme for our home so we could incorporate all the hand-me-downs.
    Anyway, you can see the containers here:
    5th and 6th photo.

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