A Sweet Homemade Hostess Gift Idea

It’s great when inspiration comes full circle, and that’s exactly what happened when we spotted this post about our use of mint in some lemonade-filled recycled wine bottles at our wedding:

How funny is it that Katy has such a mint obsession that she couldn’t wait to whip up some mint lemonade of her own? But the point at which the inspiration tables turned was when we read that she made some homemade lemonade with sprigs of peppermint in the bottle to present as a hostess gift at a swanky little soiree. What a great idea! How posh would you feel arriving at a dinner party with some freshly-squeezed minted lemonade in a darling little wine bottle? Well, according to Katy it’s as exciting as I’d imagine it to be. In her words, “it looked so darn fancy I wanted to explode!”

Thanks so much for the inspiration exchange Katy. Now if only we had our own stash of mint in the backyard…


  1. Anne says


    Mint is very very easy to grow. Actually, it will take over quickly so, it’s best to plant it in a container.

    Give it a try!

  2. Renee says

    Basil also tastes great in water or lemon/limeade and it is also super easy to grow (at least in Houston). It adds more of a “savory” flavor vs. the semi-sweet flavor of mint.

  3. threadbndr says

    Almost all the flavors of mint are dead easy to grow. In fact, around here, they can become weeds and take over your garden. You should pop one or two different kinds into your garden next spring.

  4. Chelsie says

    Hi Sherry! I know this is an old post, but hopefully this comment will find you. I was curious as to what you used to top the lemonade. I’m using the wine bottle idea for my wedding and need to figure out a plan for keeping the bugs out. Thank you!

    • says

      We used a small square of that cling wrap stuff (not plastic wrap, but the kind that’s thicker and more grippy). It worked well to keep bugs out before people started drinking (then it was gone so quickly that bugs weren’t a problem!). Hope it helps.


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