Do The Math

When it comes to the how long, how many, and how often, we don’t usually take the time to quantify our blogging. But for our oh-so-special blogiversary, we wanted to break things down for you a bit.

380: The number of posts that we’ve written to date

2,592: The amount of comments we’ve amassed from our lovely readers (this is already out of date thanks to the great responses to our previous post).

1,799: The total number of spam comments that our stupendous spam filter has intercepted.  (No thank you fake commenters, we don’t need anything “enlarged” around here.)

8: The number of posts we like to have in the hopper at all times (just in case John surprises me with a fabulous vacation someday…)

18: The most posts that we’ve published in a week

4: The most posts that we’ve published in a day

2: The average number of times a day I call John with a technical blog question/emergency

2: The average number of times a day I call John to tell him about something funny that Burger did

10: The average number of hours each day that I sit at my desk chained to the computer

5: The number of steps from my desk to the couch (where I relocate with the computer on my lap after John comes home)

4: Average number of times per week that I use the word “swankify”

5: The number of “Sherry-words” John refuses to use when blogging (swoon, swankify, gorge, fab and purty)

America’s Next Top Model: It’s not a number, but it’s our favorite non-home-improvement show to watch while blogging (although there’s a fair amount of pausing so we don’t miss any of Tyra’s insanity)

Anything we missed that you must know?  Ask and we shall calculate (to the best of my math-challenged abilities, that is).






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