Do The Math

When it comes to the how long, how many, and how often, we don’t usually take the time to quantify our blogging. But for our oh-so-special blogiversary, we wanted to break things down for you a bit.

380: The number of posts that we’ve written to date

2,592: The amount of comments we’ve amassed from our lovely readers (this is already out of date thanks to the great responses to our previous post).

1,799: The total number of spam comments that our stupendous spam filter has intercepted.  (No thank you fake commenters, we don’t need anything “enlarged” around here.)

8: The number of posts we like to have in the hopper at all times (just in case John surprises me with a fabulous vacation someday…)

18: The most posts that we’ve published in a week

4: The most posts that we’ve published in a day

2: The average number of times a day I call John with a technical blog question/emergency

2: The average number of times a day I call John to tell him about something funny that Burger did

10: The average number of hours each day that I sit at my desk chained to the computer

5: The number of steps from my desk to the couch (where I relocate with the computer on my lap after John comes home)

4: Average number of times per week that I use the word “swankify”

5: The number of “Sherry-words” John refuses to use when blogging (swoon, swankify, gorge, fab and purty)

America’s Next Top Model: It’s not a number, but it’s our favorite non-home-improvement show to watch while blogging (although there’s a fair amount of pausing so we don’t miss any of Tyra’s insanity)

Anything we missed that you must know?  Ask and we shall calculate (to the best of my math-challenged abilities, that is).


  1. Jess says

    The number of emails you get to your youngsters email?
    The number of Design Dilemmas you’ve done to date?

    Oh and ANTM is my favorite non-home show also. Wednesday night TV rocks!

  2. says

    Now I have a legitimate question… how many comments you think your “Who do you think you are” post will reach by the end of September? I’d say 400.

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Ok, Sherry put me in charge of numbers now, so here are some more digits coming your way…

    Jen – We have a few options when it comes to tracking our hits, but for sheer ease we rely on WordPress Stats (because it shows up when we log in to manage th blog). Who really knows how accurate that is, but it tells us that we’ve been getting an average of about 5,500 visits a day. We’ve been fortunate to see growth every month and have topped 100,000 visits the last two months. So thanks to everyone who helped us get there!

    Jess – On the average weekday, we get between 15 and 20 e-mails. Some are new, some are continued conversations from previous days. And to date we’ve done about 50 design dilemmas. You can see the ones that made the blog here.

    Gracia – Good question. Not sure how many sites link to ours, but we send our love to all of them. Especially yours! Looking forward to keeping up with how you take things easy. And 400 comments!? We’re already blown away by the 150+ we’ve got now.

    KK – I’m tabulating all the comments to figure out our most popular state, so that’s TBD. Although it seems to be all over the place so far. Country-wise, we seem to be most popular in English-speaking countries (surprise) – the US, Canada, Australia and the UK being the top 4 in that order. Then it spills into some other European countries. Spain is #7, Gracia! Recruit some friends and try to overtake Sweden’s #6 spot. :)

    Ok, enough numbers for now. But feel free to ask more if you’d like. I’m proud to represent the math-ier side of the family.


  4. Jenn says

    How long is your average post? They always seem perfectly bite sized. Do you find you have to limit yourselves from going on, or do the posts take shape naturally?

  5. YoungHouseLove says

    Hmm, as for how many we’ve each written, it’s pretty even. I write slightly more than John (since he has a full time job to work around- lol) but we both try to keep things relatively balanced (since the blog was HIS idea, after all).

    As for the length of our posts, they truly vary. Some of our design dilemmas get sooooo long (but we love doling out all that detailed decor info- we just can’t help ourselves). We do make an effort to be concise and explanatory at the same time, although sometimes things can be communicated really quickly while other topics call for a bit more “meat”.


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