Flower Power


Remember the beeeeeautiful bouquet John got me to celebrate the culmination of a long hard kitchen remodel? Well, there must have been something in the water, because three weeks later some of the flowers were still alive and kickin’. So I plucked out the dead buds and cut the stems a little shorter to create this tight little bouquet. And since I didn’t have a small vase to put them in, I just used a drinking glass and wrapped some red ribbon around it for a little somethin’ extra. And as if that wasn’t enough flower power for ya, on our two year anniversary of living in Richmond, John came home bearing more blooms. This

Up Close & Personal


Ok, enough people mentioned that they wanted to see some of the photo collage items up close, so here they are. First of all, how cute was my man as a little man? And now for the other open-mouthed shot. This time I’m the one catching flies: Here’s a close up of the vintage Richmond map (found across the country at a Portland flea market by a friend): And here’s that funny article about the insane popularity of weddings on 7/7/07 (sent to us a few days after our July 7th wedding by my dad): And last, but certainly not least, an amazing photo of my father as an angst-ridden teenager, taken in 1964:  



Ok, first things first. Target rocked our world again, this time in the form of the cutest striped pillow for the new-ish third bedroom (remember, it used to be a dining room). So for $14 we snatched it right up. And look how much fun it’s having on the daybed: But now on to the reason we were at Target in the first place: to get white frames for that photo collage we mentioned a little while ago. We first found inspiration in a truly coincidental place. While glancing at the exact daybed we’d already purchased for the third bedroom in an old West Elm catalog, we noticed an adorable asymmetrical framed photo arrangement on

Conventional Wisdom


John and I went to a gigantic home and garden show at Richmond’s downtown convention center last night. And boy were we stimulated. The combined Home Show Richmond and The Maymont Flower & Garden Show was bursting with local and national companies showcasing a staggeringly wide range of wares. And while it was chock full of really fabulous things, like these amazing seltzer bottles… …it also had its fair share of “whoa” things, like this airbrushed bathtub: But somehow, whether we were playing Where’s Waldo among the iron garden ornaments (can you find John?)… … or checking out all things home & garden related (and a lot of things that were neither, actually) – we

Um, Where Is It?


That’s what we said when we first laid eyes on our house. Because it was more than just a little lacking in the curb appeal department. In fact, the front yard looked like this: But we looked beyond the jungle and screamed “we’ll take it!” All of our afters wouldn’t be half as dramatic if it weren’t for the horrifying befores. Which is why we’ve added tons of photos to our gallery page. So check out all the ridiculously dated before shots along with the much improved afters (and lots of never before seen “in-progres” shots). We’ve come a long way baby.

Right On, Target


Well, we’ve been wooed once again. This time by two deep chocolate colored items that practically jumped into our cart. Where would we be without Target? The first thing to catch our eye was this adorable little round end table. We’d been passive-aggressively looking for a side table to accompany the chair that lives under our semi-new You & Me poster in the living room. And of course Target came to our rescue. The deep mahogany color makes it look far more expensive than the $41 price tag, and the classic shape ensures that we’ll never tire of this totally versatile table. And of course we couldn’t pass up this woven hamper for our newly

Homemade Art That’s Sweet & Sentimental


A while back we promised another post about wall art, so here it is. Being sentimental- and on a budget- we’ve had to get creative in the art department. So until we can afford that original Warhol piece we have our eye on (yeah right), we’ll stick to providing interesting art alternatives. For example, take this vintage map project that Sherry surprised me with this Christmas. She found this amazing map (from 1907!) on eBay for around ten dollars, picked up a white frame at Ikea, and then removed the glass and added some cork backing and pinned the map in place. Then she stuck more pins (actually called “map pins” from Office Depot) into

Griddle Me This


Inquiring minds wanted to know what I got for my lovely hubby in return for my fabulous four legged friend. Well, inquire no further. The answer is: a super fabulous jumbo sized electric griddle with a removable plate that can be popped in the dishwasher. You see, John is The Pancake King. Notice the capital letters because it is actually his title. He makes pancakes with chocolate chips, peanut butter, vanilla, banana, apples, honey, or anything else he can possibly find around the kitchen. And they’re magnificent. So about a year ago when we were putting together our wedding registry, we found the most amazingly fabulous griddle, and registered for it on the spot. The

Puppy Love


This morning as John headed off to work he mentioned that he’d hidden “a little something” around the house and encouraged me to “go on a scavenger hunt.” As I embarked on a journey that I expected to include lots of looking under, over and between objects in every room, imagine my surprise and delight upon immediately finding this huge concrete greyhound statue waiting for me by my desk- complete with a big red bow. You see, my obsession with greyhound statues began eons ago when I spied a pair of white glossy, ceramic greyhound statues flanking a fireplace in Jonathan Adler’s book, My Prescription To Anti-Depressive Living. I then began seeing them everywhere, from

Adding Ikea Wardrobes For A Built-In Bed Nook & More Storage


We started 2008 with a home improvement bang like no other. We were up at 8:20 am and on the road to Ikea by 9. What would motivate two sleep-deprived twenty-somethings to get up that early on our last day off? How about the thought of gaining not one, but two more bedroom closets?! That’s right, we finally decided that one tiny closet in the master bedroom (which forced John to keep all his clothes in the guest bedroom) was not enough. So on New Years Day we (fittingly) resolved to do something about it. Here’s the New Years Day play by play: 8:20 am- Up and at em’. 9:00 am- Hit the road for

Breaking The Mold


We promised more photos of our two guest bedrooms sporting their new crown molding, so here they are. First, we bring you the second bedroom, with crisp white three inch molding to swank things up: And the third bedroom (also known as our old converted dining room) looks mighty fine with the same polished white molding adding some architecture: But the real transformation took place in the master bedroom, with the addition of an 8 inch plank of wood that makes the wardrobes look like custom built ins. Stay tuned for the juicy reveal tomorrow. We can hardly wait…

Royal Bread (John’s Christmas Gift)


That’s what John thought this gift represented when he unwrapped it on Christmas morning. But by around his third guess he’d cracked the code: crown molding. And his gift finally came to fruition this week when our crafty installer returned to hang beautiful 3 inch molding in our living/dining room and three bedrooms. The finished product is polished and purty. And best of all, John didn’t have to lift a finger. He works hard enough around here as it is, so I was glad to let him sit this one out. Here are some detail shots: And here’s the whole living / dining room in all of its crowning glory: It looks just as dapper

Sunday in the Park


When this Sunday lived up to its name (and brought us beautiful weather in the mid 60s) we contemplated several parks that we could visit to take little Burger for a long walk. In the end, our love for Richmond’s old neighborhoods won out and we ended up hitting up Park Ave instead. Richmond’s Park Avenue slices right through The Fan, one of the coolest and most historic parts of the city (and former home to our cousin Erin). There’s no shortage of homes to admire, so we’re glad we remembered the camera. Here’s a sense of what the colorful streetscapes look like: Did you see Burger and me in action in that last shot?

A Few Ideas For Arranging Your Floating Shelves


Ok, so we’re in the middle of finally getting that crown molding installed (that I got for John as one of his Christmas presents). But you may not realize, I certainly didn’t, that it takes a lot of prep before crown molding can go up. Everything has to come down off of the walls and all furniture has to come into the center of the room so that the ladder can easily navigate the circumference of the space. So here’s what all of our living room stuff looks like crammed into the third bedroom. But enough about the molding. When it’s completely finished we’ll have some purty before and afters for ya. But the purpose

S’prise Squared


I love surprises, and John’s an expert at pulling them off. He’s done everything from arranging for my best friend to fly in for my birthday to pretending to go to work and retuning home 5 minutes later to say that we’re going on a trip to the beach. So from time to time I like to stage a little sneak attack of my own. And when I saw an amazing leather arm chair at Target.com, I just had to order it for him asap. It’s usually scary to buy furniture without actually seeing it (or sitting in it, in this case) but the 5 star rating accompanied by a bunch of rave reviews made