Our Dog-Turned-Reindeer Christmas Cards

As the wait for that last cabinet continues, we’ve found another way to keep ourselves busy: holiday cards. We’re not typically holiday card people, but with a Target coupon offering up some free photo greetings we couldn’t pass up the chance to spread some cheer.

Here’s the pic. It stars Burger, who fell victim to our idle hands, over-active imaginations and some photoshop:

Christmas Burger

In case we forget to say it later: Happy holidays to everyone from John, Sherry and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Chihuahua.


  1. Christine says

    That is pretty much the most amazing thing I have ever seen! You guys are hilarious. Congratulations on your big win, too! Happy holidays!

  2. Sue says


    My neice has asked Santa for a “real” photograph of Rudolph becuase she wants to prove to her friend that he really exists.

    I thought I could just take a real pic of a reindeer and make the nose read, but what you did with your photo is awesome. Can you tell me how you did that?


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