Kitchen, You Are Missed

This not having a functioning kitchen thing is getting old.

It may sound strange, but we were too lazy to go out to eat tonight. Instead, we mustered the energy to attempt cooking in our counterless and sinkless kitchen. Fortunately, the meal itself (chocolate chip pancakes) was relatively easy to make using a cabinet top as our work surface. We also confirmed that our stovetop still functions after almost 3 months of dormancy.

It’s the already annoying task of clean-up that reminds you how frustrating it is to not have a kitchen sink. Let’s just say doing dishes in the bathroom doesn’t exactly inspire me to play chef again anytime soon.

Sink of Dishes


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    I know you guys are years past this (though I am enjoying your archives!) but it just reminded me of the thanksgiving that the kitchen sink was blocked by potato peels in the garbage disposal, so we had to wash all 20 place settings in the bathroom sink- rinsed off in the shower!

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