Buying Discount Appliances & Scoring a Free Dishwasher

If you recall, we ended our last post by describing the “eventual” purchase of a new washer and dryer for our more open laundry nook. Well, we’ve never been much for waiting so we decided to “just take a look.” Just looking quickly became buying when we realized there were so many deals to be had.

We immediately honed in on the Whirlpool Duet Sport washer and dryer for their small footprint and quiet power. They were originally priced at around $1,610 total but they happened to be on clearance for $1480 since they’re rolling out the ’08 models soon.


Then the sales associate (Robert, our new best friend) told us there was a promotion for 10% off all Energy Star appliances. Score. The washer was proudly sporting an Energy Star sticker. That shaved another $75 off our total (down to $1,405). Then Robert helped us open a credit card for an additional 10% off our purchase which chopped our total down another $140 to $1,255.


With a total savings of about $355, and the ability to get 10% off anything else we purchased with our new handy dandy Lowes credit card, we figured we’d snatch up the dishwasher that we’ve been eyeing for our new kitchen. We found this puppy for $350- it matches our current fridge and stove exactly- and since it’s an Energy Star appliance (and part of our credit card purchase) we got 10% off TWICE, making it only about $280 – more than free when you look at what we saved on the laundry appliances ($355).

And did I mention Lowe’s was also running a FREE appliance delivery offer, which means they’ll deliver, install and haul-away our old appliances at no charge?! Point Lowe’s.


  1. YoungHouseLove says

    Alas Doug, here is where we differ. My obsession with the new washer & dryer is akin to my obsession with our Thermacare loss nearly 4 years ago. Sniffle. We so had that in the bag. What went so terribly wrong? Whyyyyy? Whyyyy? There has to be some sort of explanation.

  2. Joni says

    Do you have the 3.4 or the 6.7 cubic foot version? 6.7 sounds huge, but it would be nice to do laundry less frequently… Or maybe you prefer to spend more time with your fancy Whirlpool:)

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Joni,

    We have the 3.4 cubic foot version. With just two people in the house for now we don’t find it limiting. I don’t think we own enough clothes between the two of us fill the other!

    But my sister just bought some similar washer & dryer and I think she got the 6.7 version. She’s got a 7- and 10-year-old so I think she appreciates the extra room. Hope that helps!


  4. Sara says

    I know this post was a long time ago but I just couldn’t resist a comment…

    We went to Lowe’s as well to look for a washer and dryer and ran into a great deal as well. The same exact set as you have was on sale for $999 (!), it wasn’t advertised very well, but it was real. And then we got the 10% off too with the Lowe’s credit card. Then we got a $50 rebate from our utility company for the energy star washer. So all in all we paid $850 for both the washer and dryer. Crazy, I know. I can hardly believe that deal to this day. It was a proud moment in our house renovations.

  5. Alan says

    Hey Guys,

    We’re thinking about getting a front-load washer this summer and was wondering what your opinion of yours is after 2 1/2 years? The reviews seem to be split almost right down the middle between people who say that they don’t get the clothes clean enough and the clothes even come out “smelly and crusty” and those who say that they are the best washers they’ve ever owned and they would never go back to a top-loader. What say you? :)



    • says

      Best ever. We love them and we love the counter space above them that they afford. No complaints at all about anything ever being smelly or crusty! They’re great- and they’re energy star rated too so that’s the icing on the cake… they save us money while being good for the planet!


  6. says

    Been devouring your blog since I found it the other day and decided to start back here and work my way forward. You guys definitely came out way ahead on that dishwasher purchase than the one I just made from Lowe’s. I had a dishwasher go out due to hard water buildup (gonna need to buy a softener to extend the life of the new one – I included a link in the website field to a site I found helpful if you’re interested and having the same problem…).

    I need to finish reading the rest of your blog before I buy anymore appliances to make sure I get the best deal… :)

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