Our Big Project

So why start a blog 16 months after purchasing the house? After we’ve already made plenty of changes?

The kitchen.

Now that we’ve finished our other big project for the year (getting married) we’re ready to take on project #2 – a complete kitchen remodel. You may have seen how we already transformed the kitchen once:

1970s Lumberjack’s Paradise:
Old Kitchen appliances Old Kitchen cabinets

21st Century Kitchen:

New Kitchen

And that was just paint, appliances, cabinet hardware and vinyl tiles. So, imagine what will happen when we demo the whole thing (except for the new appliances!) and start from scratch.


  1. Christine says

    Hi YHL!

    I read your blog every day and, just for kicks, thought I’d refresh myself on how you got started… I’m glad I did because I have been trying to brainstorm a solution for my ho-hum kitchen and LOVE the vinyl tiles you used on this oldie-but-goodie improvement. Could you tell me where you found them? Also, is there any way to get them back off again once they’re on or are they pretty permanent?


    • says

      Hey Christine,

      We actually found them at Home Depot (they’re super affordable too). As for how easily they come up, they don’t pop up easily when you walk on them or anything, but if you slip a screwdriver under each of the squares you should be able to pop them up with a bit of force (they might leave a bit of adhesive behind, just as a warming). Hope it helps!


  2. says

    Thank you for all your inspiration. I recently started a blog about my kitchen remodel. We are doing all of it ourselves, except making the cabinets. After I started my blog, I went searching for others and found yours. What a wonderful treat! I love so many of your idea and I have become so project greedy that my honey said I need to focus on the kitchen for now. With so many great ideas, how do you stay on task to finish them one at a time?

    Thanks again,

    • says

      We just keep a list of priorities and go down them one by one to avoid getting too overwhelmed. It’s all about saving up the money we need and taking things one project at a time to keep from feeling too much pressure and questioning our decisions. Good luck!


  3. Jose H. says

    Hey, i liked everything, I’ll start building my house and you gave me many ideas to include. I’m from Sonora, Mexico. I’m straight btw, so I’ll add a huge flat screen and a bunch of other electronics and it will be just perfect!!! great work =D

  4. says

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile (& LOVE it!) but I just now came across your earlier posts. You’re life 5 years ago sounds so much like where Chris and I are now – bought our home 17 months ago, getting married in 3 months, and I just decided to start a blog myself (convenient timing since we’ve already tackled some some hefty projects). Thanks for such an awesome read! Your family, home, and blog are all awesome!

  5. Jenny says

    I love reading this blog. When you did this kitchen reno, did you paint the existing brick backsplash, or is that a whole new backsplash of subway tiles? We are moving soon to a house with a brick(ish) backsplash that I would like to do something with before I actually have money to DO something with it!

  6. says

    Good luck with your new adventure(s). I’m selfishly really sad to see you go, but I’ve realized that, just like a good book, I can start back a the beginning and reread from day one. xoxo!

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