Teddy’s Photo Project: Weekly Baby Pictures On Fabric Backdrops

It all started with our daughter Clara’s weekly photo project when we had her in 2010. Then Teddy was born in April of 2014, and we had fun putting a slightly different spin on those weekly baby pictures to capture his growth. We didn’t want to completely reinvent the wheel (we really liked how Clara’s turned out) so Teddy’s photo project has the same core elements: baby + fabric + photoshopped age.

The two tweaks that we made were: he wears clothes each week instead of white onesies (we loved the personality that brought to Clara’s project when we started adding them in years 2 & 3), and we use a consistent object for scale (to better track how much he grows). We introduced a wooden plaque from JoAnn Fabrics, which makes for the perfect spot to photoshop his age. Instead of using 52 fabrics throughout the year, we’re cycling through around a dozen fairly simple ones – so we don’t distract from the clothing too much (they’re are all from JoAnn, except weeks 8 & 10 are from Spoonflower, week 1 is a quilt I sewed him, and week 11 is a swaddle blanket).

*Note: the number font is called Sullivan and the “weeks” font is called Big Mouth.






You can check out Clara’s weekly photo project from 2010 here.