Fab Freebie: Mow Money, Mow Problems

Got mower problems? Well, this week you could up your outdoor tool game and win over $1,400 in outdoor equipment from Husqvarna. Someone’s going to get to chose any three of the options below (there’s an all-wheel drive walk mower, a low-noise hedge trimmer, a heavy duty chainsaw, an ergonomic trimmer, and a commercial grade blower).

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a second to load, but it should eventually pop up below this paragraph). This giveaway is available to residents of the United States and Canada.

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  1. Mina says

    My husband and I put an offer in on a new house this weekend! This would be a great way to get the yard in hand. It was built in 1985 and the woods/yard are a bit wild in parts.

  2. Jenny Stoudt says

    Yes yes yes! My husband is a former select-cut logger and he uses chainsaws (and other power tools) like nobody’s business! Great giveaway!!

  3. Candace says

    Sherry and John, this giveaway is right on time! I just bought my first house, just shy of my 30th Birthday (well, closing is at the end of the month – fingers crossed for a painless inspection tomorrow!), and I don’t want to be the girl with the ugly yard! I am (read: deathly) afraid of bugs, so my outdoor adventures usually don’t last long, and I have not bothered to invest in yard equipment BUT – with a new mortgage, I am going to need to cut costs where I can, so this would be the perfect prize for me!! :)

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  4. Erin Taylor says

    This would make life on my “man hands” so much easier (that’s what they call me, because I do all the yardwork and use my Hubs tools for home projects).

  5. Lindsey d. says

    My husband was just complaining that the trimmer is not starting AGAIN! He bought a new one last year and it’s already been in the shop twice. Apparently all the reviews on the trimmer heads that match our attachments are awful and the other choice is to buy a decent one AND new attachments. Winning this would be well timed.

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