Reader Redesign: Farmhouse Kitchen

Something about renovating a farmhouse just sounds so idyllic to me. And Joanna’s farmhouse kitchen renovation doesn’t disappoint. She and her husband took it from closed off and dated to open and, well, check it out yourself…

Hey guys! I live in Texas and my husband and I are in the middle of renovating our 125 yr old farmhouse. We have been married for ten years, have four kids, and have lived in 9 homes. All of which we bought, lived in, and flipped. After we move into the farmhouse, I am done. I hope.

When my husband first showed me this house, I walked right out of it and said there is no way. Two weeks later we were signing papers and it was ours. I  had to get my game face on so that I wouldn’t freak out. There was so much potential especially in the kitchen area and this is where I decided to focus the most. The kitchen had a huge brick wall (you can’t see it in the before pic) and it just felt so dark and dated. 

We decided to take the brick wall down to counter top height so the kitchen would be open to the rest of the house. I wanted a clean palette in the kitchen because when life gets crazy with four kiddos, it seems to all happen in the kitchen. My kitchen tends be the pit stop for school bags, paperwork, mother’s day out crafts, etc… I wanted the space to feel clean even when things started piling up. Brazilian black granite and white subway tile is as clean and simple as it gets.

We lightened the space up by painting the existing cabinets and brick white. We also added glass to the cabinets that framed out the sink and we replaced the window above the sink. My big affordable farm sink came from Ikea. I chose an affordable, durable laminate floor- clean up is so easy with these!

I went to a used restaurant supply place and found a stainless steel island with wheels, got if for a bargain!

This house ended up being perfect for the six of us. I am glad my husband had the guts and vision to get past the obvious!  – Joanna

If you want to see more from Joanna and her husband Chip, here’s her blog. And in the favorite-part arena, I could stare at the awesome sloped beams for at least an hour. And Sherry loves the big window over the sink and the contrast of the dark window treatment, stools, and counter with all that white.


  1. Kelli says

    Those floors are LAMINATE?! I’ve never seen any so beautiful. I need to find out the details on that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cherri says

    Oh my gosh – I just saw Joanna and Chip for the first time last week on an HGTV show. I was so hoping they would air more of this amazing couple. There show was so interesting and inspiring and I wanted to find out more about them. How cool is it that you showcased them today? Thanks.

  3. says

    Wow. Stunning renovation and beautiful website. I wish she had something on her site about work-life balance. With 4 little ones, a thriving career, and an impeccably clean house, I imagine she’s got some great tips (did I miss them on there?!) Joanna, please do share!

  4. Rachel says

    I saw their show on HGTV a few days ago! I’m so proud of my Texan-ness. I didn’t catch where they were from but based on the accents of their clients, I figured TX! (The Texan accent is rarely portrayed correctly in movies and TV, it’s much more subtle.)

  5. says

    Hey Guys! John and Sherry, thanks so much for sharing my reno. I love how you guys inspire so many to make their house a home. So many kind comments I don’t even know what to do with myself! HJM you asked about a microwave… I hid it in the pantry:)

    and as far as the flooring goes, it is an inexpensive laminate floor! I always thought I was an authentic hardwood floor kinda gal but not after these. Never had floors that were easier to clean. I will definitely use these again in my next house. The floors are a Shaw floor and the color is Mont Blanc.

    thks so much!


    • Anticookiecutter says

      Joanna, Isn’t this the kitchen in a previous house you were going to flip? – This isn’t the kitchen from your 125 year old farmhouse you’re renovating and writing about on your blog right? I love your blog and will be following the progress of your farmhouse.

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