Haven, House Crashing, & Obligatory Weirdness

You ready for a post full of embarrassing photos (of me and Katie B) and adorable photos (of Clara and Will) with a few house crashing and shopping-on-the-road sneak peeks mixed in? Oh yeah. Let’s do this.

The crazy thing is that even though this little recap of our four days spent in Atlanta has over 40 photos in it, it’s just the tip of the iceberg road trip, so we’ll be back with a few detailed House Crashing posts, a nice juicy window-shopping post from on the road, and a thrift store video that Katie and I cobbled together all in one take (yes, someone comes up to chat with us right in the middle of it). Just gotta go through our 1000+ photos and make sense of everything. So there’s that to look forward to. But for now let’s focus on trying to encapsulate the amazing/embarrassing/inspiring/delicious/nerve-wracking lovefest that was Haven. We had a blast. And to the people who organized it… I can’t even imagine how much work went into it. It was so much fun to just show up and wander around with tons of fellow DIY and blog-lovers.

Pic above from Rhoda.

We were asked about a year ago to be the keynote speakers and we agreed before we could get too nervous and second guess ourselves. Then we had a whole year to think about how not to make a fool of ourselves. Did it work? Of course not. Somehow I worked the word fart into at least five sentences. You had to be there. Seriously, who has a video of that, because no amount of explaining will do that justice. But amazingly, we heard some very kind words from the organizers, sponsors, and attendees when it was all over. So I’m calling it a success. If you’re consumed with curiousity about how the word fart slipped in there, you can check out a pretty detailed rundown of our chat here.

Pic above from Sarah.

Did we know we would be speaking to a room of hundreds of people? Nope. But we tried not to think about it or say the word fart (only 50% of that plan worked out). We had put together a little slide show about the 11 mostly-subconscious “decisions” that had steered the course of our blog, so we basically just got up there and talked about everything that we think got us to where we are today – from deciding how often to post to how we accidentally became a business. And every time I looked out at the crowd expecting someone to be yawning or texting I was greeted with a smile. Seriously, we felt the love in that room and it was awesome. I think it’s why John and I felt so comfortable and a little fart or two slipped out. Wait, that sounded wrong. Of my mouth. A mouth fart. This isn’t getting better.

I totally could not have done this without John. It was actually kind of fun to go up there with him because we could just be dorks together and sort of chat and keep each other feeling comfortable. And apparently from certain angles I enjoyed hiding behind him.

Pic above from Debbie.

I definitely did that thing where I locked eyes on a few people throughout the entire chat and sort of smiled at them/creeped them out. So thanks to you guys, for not crying or getting up and leaving when I gave you my crazy too-long gaze.

Pic above from Rhoda.

And as you probably saw over on Katie’s blog, she hung out with my bean and her tinkler up in our hotel room while we got our chat on. Are they not the cutest couple ever? Not that I’m biased.

Pic above from Katie.

Then we all came downstairs and mingled. Weird things like this scene from an eight grade dance ensued (that’s Dusty from All Things G & D, my new real-life friend – she’s hilarious and amazing and Katie and I just let it all hang out with her).

Pic above from Katie.

There were really awesome and inspiring sessions, like one from Builder/Temptress Ana White (she was so nice in person, I couldn’t stop giggling around her). Let me just tell you, that girl knows her way around a drill and a pair of stilettos. Consider me impressed (and substantially less coordinated). We also checked out Layla and Kevin’s photography/styling session and I learned a ton.

Pic above from Katie.

We also got to meet people that we feel like we’ve known forever- like the lovely and super sweet Kate from Centsational Girl.

Pic above from Katie.

The guys (John and Katie’s husband Jeremy) took off with the kiddos so we could attend those sessions, just because two crazy toddlers and an eight pound chihuahua (yes Burger came with us too) weren’t exactly easy to wrangle in the crowds. And something happened to me and Katie when the kiddos and spouses left. It started feeling like ladies night out. Which explains that picture of us gyrating against Dusty two photos up.

There was a pretty sweet cocktail hour at the end of the day, complete with shrimp, brie, and those little triangular pastries that taste like croissants. Good times. This is when I got to meet a ton of people and just chatted and hung out and laughed and my mouth hurt at the end from smiling.

Pic above from Katie.

Now I’ll admit something to the internet that I didn’t think I was going to: I worried people would be haughty. Or standoffish. Or sort of like Mean Girls but grown up. I don’t know, I’m a nerd, so I just went into it worrying people would be clique-y and closed off. SO NOT THE CASE. I don’t know what I thought conferences were like, but this was nothing but eating, drinking, and being merry.

Pic above from Katie.

And at the end of the night, we somehow ended up shutting down a restaurant with four other awesome Haven chicks that had us at wanna-go-to-dinner-together? (Dusty from All Things G&D, Beth from Unskinny Boppy, Kent of Peachy Keen Designs, and Colleen from The Restarter Home). Apparently the place closed at 9 but the waiter didn’t even tell us until after 11.

Pic above from Katie.

Can I just tell you the last time I shut down a restaurant. Never. And after a little dancing outside of the hotel to Low by Flo Rida (yes, $herdog was in the hizouse) we somehow found ourselves in another teenage pose. This time, of the prom variety. I like how we’re all holding each other and Katie’s holding her baby.

Pic above from Katie.

As for what our children were doing while we were being completely responsible and not at all embarrassing parents, John kept me posted by sending little iPhone pics like this:

And then the next day Katie ended up taking us all to a really fun public pool with all sorts of suped up stuff (lazy river? check. water slides? check). It was awesome. And it was fun to spend time with the kiddos/family after a day of “business and lady-bonding” at Haven.

I missed mah man the day before, so it was nice to be reunited. Oh yes, cheesy but true. I guess when you work together all the time, you notice when your other half is gone. Thank goodness I had Katie B as my wifey-for-the-day at Haven.

Speaking of Katie… dude, the girl has a waterproof case for her Flip camera. Consider me amazed. Apparently amazed enough to add a caption to this picture in third person. Totally normal, right?

Yup, we all recorded ourselves going down the water slides. Except I was wearing shorts (yes, I have a fear of standing up with a giant swimsuit wedgie after many childhood experiences on water slides) so I went about one mile an hour down the slide thanks to my not-slippery-like-a-bathing-suit shorts. It was hilarious. I think people might have thought I was stuck at one point.

These next three photos are Katie’s but they help demonstrate a few key things. For example, this one’s the best we could do with our kids in our lap. In other words: our kids be wiggly.

And this photo is to hopefully squash pregnancy rumors (I’m talking to you, Mom). They tend to start when I’m blocking my belly with something, like plywood or a kid (see above). I’m not gonna lie though – I’m totally sucking it in. Not an imaginary baby, just a leftover-from-Clara roll or two.

See, I told you I was the cool kid at the pool rocking jean shorts to block water slide wedgies.

This photo is just to demonstrate how ruggedly athletic I am. Never mind that I’m not actually swimming and am just resting my belly on the bottom of the shallow end of the pool.

To keep the water theme going, Beansie had the best time down at the creek behind the Bower’s house with Will. He was a little explorer and she followed behind him dutifully.

The next day we hit up Zoo Atlanta. It was the best. I feel like I’m saying everything was the best, but it was a series of fun days, so bear with me. Or lion with me. Hmm, that was a smoother pun in my head.

I love this picture. So I’m fighting my instincts to make an even more terrible pun like “my daughter likes to monkey around.”

Oh and we went on the train at the zoo, which was easily Clara’s favorite part- except for the “scary, scary tunnel.” She made it through like a champ though. I think it helped to know she had her man behind her to defend her.

Then it was carousel time. Clara liked it, but I loved it. Nearly all the photos are of me with my mouth open too wide. What can I say? Too Excited is my middle name.

The next day it was Georgia Aquarium time. The whales? Awesome. I have no words. Except awesome apparently.

It’s a really interactive place, so Clara had fun climbing into little nooks and bubbles to peer at all of the cool fish swimming around her.

She especially liked spying on the penguins.

And peering up at the fish as they swam by overhead in the underwater tube where you could see creatures of all shapes and sizes on all sides.

But her favorite specimen was still Will. Here she is inching over…

She’s a close talker, just like her mom.

Oh my gosh, and this is my favorite room there: the giant tank with all the whale sharks. I think we stayed in there for a good half-hour, just staring.

Oh and I guess the whole Clara-liked-all-the-nooks-and-bubbles-she-could-climb-into was a like-mother-like-daughter thing. Because this series of embarrassing photos was shot in plain sight of anyone walking by at the time. First there’s me growling and trying to do some kind of water aerobics by incorporating a sexy side lunge:

But then I inexplicably switched gears, stopped growling and made a completely nondescript face, and added jazz hands.

We thought it was pretty funny to see a Home Depot logo in the middle of the aquarium, so you know we all posed like the big DIY dorks that we are. Except for sweet Jeremy, who was happy to take the picture, wrangle Will, and pretend he didn’t know us. Haha.

Check out the hair situation I have going on here. A giant chunk of hair shooting over my sunglasses like a wave = a sure sign of a good time.

Oh and that night the Bowers took us to Stone Mountain to watch the fireworks and a laser show while Katie’s mom and dad babysat for our already-sleeping kiddos. It was a glorious end to a glorious trip.

Of course it wasn’t all fun and games bacon and Bower fun. We actually squeezed in more than a few house crashings. Woot! So here’s a little taste for ya from two houses that couldn’t have been more different (which is totally why we love house crashing – there are so many different rooms to snoop around, snap, and share):

Just know there’s more where that came from. Can’t wait to get those images organized and uploaded.

Oh and we did a little window shopping too, first at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffney, South Carolina…

… and then at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store right outside of Charlotte, NC. I actually got two yards of awesomeness, so I’ll have to share more shopping details whenever we can throw together a window-shopping rundown.

And we can’t forget our little trip to Goodwill to record another annual thrift store video for ya (like this one of yore).

So between the current DIY projects and updates, we’ll be sprinkling in some fun little ATL adventures over the next few weeks. Anyone else do anything fun this weekend? Any other Haven attendees with hilarious (slash highly embarrassing) photos to share? Any big road trips coming up for you guys? I gotta say, we dreaded 8.5 hours in the car each way with a toddler and a dog, but it wasn’t that bad!


  1. says

    What…no…totally not stalking you…whatever ;) I loved meeting yall! Seriously would have raised BOTH hands high to chat it up at dinner. I didn’t know anyone at Haven….but I ended up having a blast. So great to get to know you …and come on down to Kentucky and hang sometime ;)

  2. says

    Looks like you had an amazing time! It must be so inspiring to just be around so many people who all love doing the same thing. I am REALLY looking for ward to house crashing photos!

  3. Rebecca says

    Love all the pictures of Clara and Will! They are too cute together. Just wait until they are old enough to start swapping DIY horror stories of their parents. ;)

    Ps. Hope you saw the picture I put on Instagram of the white ceramic goldfish. It’s from Target and I think it would look awesome in your collection!

  4. Brynn says

    It looks like you had a grand old time! You crack me up with the “farts slipping out.” I was snorting at my desk at work.

    Also, so jealous of that aquarium. I went to the Aquarium here this weekend and it does not hold a candle to that one!

    PS- I also wear shorts to the pool, and would definitely be wearing them on a waterslide to avoid an atomic wedgie!

  5. says

    Looks like an amazing trip! I am super jealous of all of the things ya’ll were able to do! I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!:0)

  6. says

    What a fun, packed trip! Sounds like so much fun. Maybe I’ll make it to next years Haven (although a tintsy little blogger like myself really shouldn’t count). Can’t wait to se what you’re going to make with the fabric!

  7. says

    Ah, a post filled with some of my favorite things :) Just moved to Charlotte from Atlanta–I miss all the Atlanta things but it is nice to be closer to the PBO and Mary Jos :)

    Btw there’s a Home Depot sign in the Aquarium bc Bernie Marcus (one of the co-founders of the home depot) donated like a trillion dollars to the auquarium. (might have been a slight exaggeration haha)

  8. says

    I drove across the lovely state of Florida to get home, dogging rain bullets. About as much fun as driving 9 hours with toddler and dog? When I got home, we decided to go the beach to see what all the fuss about the tropical storm was about. Well, turns out they aren’t lying about the flooding and heavy winds. But it was beautiful! I even posted a few of the photos. It was amazing to see. http://thefirstapartment.blogspot.com/2012/06/weekly-wonders-june-27th-2012.html


  9. kari macleod says

    I like how Sherry’s on tippy toes in the group photo so she can look as tall as the rest of the ladies. Don’t know if that was on purpose or not but seems like something I would do as I’m also in the vertically challenged category around many of my friends and hate to see them crouching down to my level in photos!

  10. says

    Don’t you just love trips like this, just filled with awesomeness and humor. haha. Love all of the pictures, and it’s so awesome that you and KT met thru blogging.

    I’m so sad that I didn’t get to go to Haven 2012! Hopefully there will be a Haven 2013 and I have the guts to go. I’m the Queen of Social Awkwardness. :-X

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