Reader Redesign: Smooth Landing

We don’t have stairs in our house. Which we love. But sometimes it’s a bummer when we see people do fun things with them like Roeshel recently did. And the most impressive part is that she did it without buying anything. You go, girl! Wait, forget I said that… just read her email:

I’m sure you guys get a ton of submissions for consideration but I recently gave our stairway a little pizzazz using leftover paint and things we already had on hand. It turned out fun! So I’ve included before and after pictures in the event that you like my crazy little makeover. Before was boring.

I cut out a diamond shaped stencil from posterboard and using a pencil, I lightly traced the pattern on the wall. I taped off the pattern with Frog tape. Cutting tape at an angle made for easier taping in the corners of the diamond. I did two coats and peeled off the tape immediately after the second coat, while the paint was still wet. You can touch up the paint as needed (I’m not a perfectionist, so I didn’t bother but I doubt you’ll see anything noticeable in the after pictures).

The original wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Taupe. The new top color is Glidden’s Linen.

I’m thinking of adding more stencils/pattern/design to the accent wall {thinking. thinking.} but for now it’s a big improvement and so much fun compared to the boring before. At least I think so. Maybe a little crazy – but doesn’t it look so much better? – Roeshel

We wholeheartedly agree that it looks awesome. And we love that it was F-R-double-E. It’s so much fun when “forgotten” spaces get a little love. Oh, and you can see more about the whole process here on Roeshel’s blog. Did you notice all of the other little things she updated? Like painting the table yellow, hanging an old window, and framing a faux deer that Sherry probably wants to marry? What’s your favorite part?

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