Channeling My Favorite TV Serial Killer

Things are getting pretty Dexter around here in preparation for our wall opening. Because when walls come down, dust comes out, and therefore protective plastic must go up! So to set the mood I’ve intentionally left these photos kinda dark and eerie. I’m nothing if not theme-y.


Oh and since I affectionately call myself Captain Safety (much like Sherry wishes $herdog would catch on), it bears mentioning that old homes can have lead paint, and therefore call for extra precautions (especially if you have little ones and pets around), so you can find more info on that here. We followed those directions and had our walls checked for lead (it’s the thing to do before work begins so you know what you’re dealing with) and ours came back negative. Which was really surprising to us until we read that homes from 1960-1978 only have a 24% chance of having it, so the odds were actually with us. Definitely one of those better safe than sorry things though, and the government takes it pretty seriously if you don’t follow lead-safe practices. So do what you’re told or Dexter Morgan might come for you…

Anyway, it was nice to know that we didn’t have lead to worry about, but we still knew from experience that there would be a heckova lot of dust all over everything if we didn’t seal things off. We used this method for construction dust control many a time in our first house when we were demo-ing, so we got to work sealing off the work area in both rooms with giant plastic drop cloths that are taped on all sides (while leaving a sliver of access in the existing doorways for folks to pass through while working).

We decided to line the sides of those “walk-through-here” slivers with painter’s tape so it’s easy to see where to step through so you’re not standing there flinging the curtain around for ten minutes to find the opening.

Oh and as for who will be here through the chaos, Clara, Burger, and I will stay at my sister’s house for the day, but Sherry’s staying home to answer questions, tend the blog, and stand behind the plastic sheeting with her eyes bugging out with joy as the wall comes a tumblin’ down.

Also on the dust-control subject, we plan to close all of our air vents in the demo area and then cover them with plastic (like we did here) so no nasty dust will find its way into our ventilation system only to be sprayed out the next time it’s turned on (we’ll keep it off during the job since it should be a one-day thing and our house should maintain it’s temperature pretty well during the day). But as for the vent you see below…

… that will actually be where the peninsula meets the half-wall. So we had an hvac pro come out and ensure that losing that vent (and one on the other side) wouldn’t compromise our system. Then with his blessing I went under the crawl space and disconnected and capped ’em (so the vent you see isn’t connected to anything anymore). We actually did that in our first house for our kitchen remodel as well.

Oh and don’t worry, my Dexter channeling stopped at putting up the protective plastic sheeting. Well that and taking this creepy photo.

Okay and maybe this just happens to be my new ringtone. But I swear that’s it. Nothing else Dexter-y happening around here. Promise.

I kind of feel like a bad a$$ when my phone rings now. And of course Sherry’s jealous (in case you’re wondering, this is her current ring tone – and she dances like the Jersey girl that she is every time it rings). But back to the wall-opening excitement coursing through our veins. Needless to say we’re doing that is-it-tomorrow-yet thing over here. Can’t wait to share pics of our progress as we go.


  1. Caity says

    I should’ve added…my husband and I were Dexter and a victim for Halloween this year, and we set up a kill room. It was hard to hang all that plastic sheeting! No clue how Dex does it alone. haha

  2. jessie says

    My husband’s ringtone is that same Dexter theme song. My ringback tone for when he calls me is that as well. Also I can’t wait to see what the finished product is going to look like after the wall comes down.

  3. DanielleR says

    I looooove Dexter! My husband and I just ordered Showtime late on purpose, so we could watch all the new episodes in a row instead of waiting each week cause we’re always dying (no pun intended lol) to see what happens next. Just got up to the 4th episode last night … We’re gonna try and hold out for the new few and watch those in a group but its so hard! :)

  4. Jane says

    John does make a mean Dexter Morgan! Your house looks super creepy now. Its like your house got a Halloween outfit!

  5. says

    Dexter was SUCH a hot Halloween costume this year! Can’t wait to see the progress photos/self-portraits $herdog takes while watching the wall come down.

    Also- did you get a haircut? Is that stalkerish? It looks super short and nice. Aaaaaaand cut the awkward.

    Good luck getting it all done tomorrow! :)

    • says

      Oh that’s just an old pic from when I was ripping down a wall in our first house (on the post a few back from this one). Now it’s a few inches below my shoulders and always in a ponytail as usual. Haha.


    • says

      Haha- duh! I never thought folks would notice a John haircut. Haha. Yes, I give him one every few months, so this was right after one (well, about a week after).


    • says

      LOL! This is especially funny because I don’t see Sherry in any of these pictures .
      And smart move covering the vents. My honey’s office building was recently renovated and it “snowed” construction dust from the vents for at least week and a half.

    • says

      FIRST thing I noticed on the post – sorry guys ;) scroll scroll, half read, scan images – what the heck?! John’s got short hair. Is that John? Confusion…

  6. says


    I think Jessica was talking about John! I thought it looked like he got it cut too, and it looks great like that. Yours too of course!

  7. Liza says

    I <3 Dexter. Just recently(few months ago) started reading your blog…you guys are awesome! Can't wait to see the end results. =)

  8. says

    Love the Dexter theme to this posting. We’ve got a wall of plastic in our basement from where my husband set up a little wood-working area to build our daughter’s bed. We call lit “the kill room” now.

    I’m excited to see how the new opening will look, if it’s anything like projects at my house, it’ll get worse before it gets awesome!

  9. says

    So exciting :) I noticed you have a vent where the half wall will be and am wondering what you plan to do with it once there is cabinetry there. I’m asking because we have the same situation (except with a floor vent) where we are about to add a new cabinet in our kitchen and we haven’t thought of a good solution yet.

    • says

      We had a hvac pro come out and ensure that losing the vent wouldn’t compromise our system. Then with his blessing John went under the crawl space and disconnected and capped it (so the vent you see isn’t connected to anything). We actually did that in our first house for our kitchen remodel as well.


    • Jason says

      Michelle – the vent can be placed under the cabinet and exit through the toe kick of the cabinet. It’s very common in kitchens.

      Delaware J:)

  10. says

    Dexter fans unite! love that last creepy picture.

    I have always thought tv show theme songs make the best ringtones (mine is currently the theme for “The Office”)- those who watch it laugh when they recognize it and those who don’t aren’t looking at me like my phone just shouted out “Mmmbop” in the middle of a college final. That may or may not have actually happened to me. :)

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