Any Given Day (A Keeping-It-Real House Tour On Video)

I thought it might be fun to walk around the house with the Flip cam and show you guys how each room can look on an average day. You know, before we pick the clothes up off the floor, put away Clara’s toys, and fold the big blankets that we snuggle under on the sofa. So here’s an impromptu house tour (while John and Clara ducked out to the post office and grocery store) in all of its average everyday glory:

Things to note:

  • Ugh, I have a cold. Sorry about my annoying voice. Who am I kidding, my voice annoys me even when I’m not crazy congested.
  • I’m terrible at walking around, talking, and holding a camera (too much multitasking, pardon the Blair Witch Project-esque jolts).
  • For those who requested updated office photos in this post, you can see it in 3-D (well, almost) in the vid.
  • Burger is so cute. I love how he comes running in and steals the show (and is later seen relaxing in the window).
  • I have no idea why I take the time to explain Clara’s music class kit. It’s so weird what you think is noteworthy.
  • You can sneak a peek at John’s behind the sofa console project’s progress. Oh and when I say it’s not level and it slopes away from the wall, it’s because our floors are slanted, not because John’s work is shoddy (more pics and details on the big console build this afternoon).
  • Yes, my ceramic pooch is still sitting on on the back patio. I just can’t bring myself to let go of him yet. But I’m working up to it. One day at a time.
  • You can sneak a peek at the two 30 x 40″ canvases that we got super cheap at Michael’s (more details on our plans for them soon).
  • I have no idea why at the end I’m talking about other rooms while walking back through the house and aiming the camera at the dining room and the kitchen (it’s just odd to show the kitchen and say “the messy playroom”). It’s official: I’m no Spielberg.
  • My dramatic ending on my purse is beyond weird. What is wrong with me?

Here’s some bonus “ordinary day” behavior. We always tell people how Burger sleeps like a human (with his head on the pillow and his body tucked under the covers) but people rarely believe just how hilarious this is. So here’s some visual evidence that I snapped this morning. I promise this isn’t staged. John got up first today, so I reached over and took some pics after Burger crawled up from the bottom of the bed to “steal” John’s place and sleep in at least four more hours. What a life.

What about you guys. What would people see if you randomly shot photos (or a shaky nausea-inducing video) of your house before cleaning up? Anything embarrassing out there like a teddy bear in the bed or a man-thong on the floor? Thank goodness I put John’s leopard one away before filming that video. Haha. Kidding. Sorry honey. I know just reading that is gonna make you all flustered.


  1. says

    OMG. Our dog, Sophie sleeps like that too. It’s hysterical. And BOY! She is NOT a morning dog. You wake her early and it’s like the flames of hell shooting out of her eyes at you… LOL

    • Deirdre says

      My pup too! You’d think you are asking the moon just to get our boy out of bed before 9 AM.

  2. says

    You know it’s kinda like magazines where you think you’re “supposed” to look like those models, and then you see them w/out makeup or airbrushing and you think, “Oh, they’re normal! Why was I beating myself up?” So thanks, YHL, for keeping it real. That’s why we love you.

  3. fd says

    lady, you’ve ruined the dream! just kidding! its truly a relief to know that i’m not as imperfect as i thought i was and you guys don’t live in an oasis of calm happy tidy perfect space all the time :-)

  4. Rebekah says

    “You can sneak a peek at John’s behind…”
    I really thought that bullet point was going somewhere else for a moment! ;)

  5. Sandy says

    Actually, you shouldn’t have shown that video! Now, I am not going to try as hard to be so kept! ;oP

    Also, do you ever disclose to your readers when you have a yard sale? That would be a yard sale worth going to! (For obvious reasons, like 20 million people showing up and shoving each other, I understand if you didn’t.)

    • says

      We’re really protective of our address for obvious safety reasons (even though we have a pretty Fort Knox-like alarm system) so we don’t share garage sale info except for a post about it after the fact. We do have dreams of hosting one in a more neutral location (like the parking lot of a local church or school or something) but we’re not sure if we could cart all of our stuff over there and find someone who would donate their lot for us. But it does cross our mind from time to time…


    • Susan says

      If you two ever get sick of blogging I could totally seeing you opening a high-end home decor/furnishings consignment shop together. It would fit right in with your frugal thing and then we could all come to your permanent “yard sale.”

      And, for some reason, my kids LOVE your videos. They are now begging me to replay the one of Clara and John from the other night. Maybe I need to break out some of the toys that are in storage or something . . .

  6. DebInNYC says

    Hi Sherry,
    Sorry you’re sick! :( Feel bestter soon!
    The sofa console project look like it is really coming along. Any idea what color it will be?


    • says

      The top will be rustic and varied wood tones (we’re adding slats of wood from old pallets that we have) but we’re thinking that the shelving on each end of the console will go rich and dark so the top can “be the star.”


  7. Erin says

    Thanks for keeping it real!

    And I love the Burger pics! Our dog sleeps just like Burger – he loves sneaking into one of our pillow spots the minute we get out of bed. I even woke up to him spooning me this morning!

    Look forward to seeing what you have in store for the art pieces in your bedroom!

  8. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for sharing this video! I have two kids (2 & 5) and the house is rarely picked up while they are awake.

  9. Kim S says

    I couldn’t watch the video yet since I’m at work, but that picture of Burger sleeping with his head on the pillow absolutely cracked me up! He is just like a little person! Hahaha.

  10. says

    that’s nice consolation seeing your house like a normal house…
    as for mine, i still gotta find a way to get rid of the day-in-day-out ironing board in the guest bedroom… in my defense, it’s a pretty heavy one that I don’t want to fold out every time we need it…

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