Any Given Day (A Keeping-It-Real House Tour On Video)

I thought it might be fun to walk around the house with the Flip cam and show you guys how each room can look on an average day. You know, before we pick the clothes up off the floor, put away Clara’s toys, and fold the big blankets that we snuggle under on the sofa. So here’s an impromptu house tour (while John and Clara ducked out to the post office and grocery store) in all of its average everyday glory:

Things to note:

  • Ugh, I have a cold. Sorry about my annoying voice. Who am I kidding, my voice annoys me even when I’m not crazy congested.
  • I’m terrible at walking around, talking, and holding a camera (too much multitasking, pardon the Blair Witch Project-esque jolts).
  • For those who requested updated office photos in this post, you can see it in 3-D (well, almost) in the vid.
  • Burger is so cute. I love how he comes running in and steals the show (and is later seen relaxing in the window).
  • I have no idea why I take the time to explain Clara’s music class kit. It’s so weird what you think is noteworthy.
  • You can sneak a peek at John’s behind the sofa console project’s progress. Oh and when I say it’s not level and it slopes away from the wall, it’s because our floors are slanted, not because John’s work is shoddy (more pics and details on the big console build this afternoon).
  • Yes, my ceramic pooch is still sitting on on the back patio. I just can’t bring myself to let go of him yet. But I’m working up to it. One day at a time.
  • You can sneak a peek at the two 30 x 40″ canvases that we got super cheap at Michael’s (more details on our plans for them soon).
  • I have no idea why at the end I’m talking about other rooms while walking back through the house and aiming the camera at the dining room and the kitchen (it’s just odd to show the kitchen and say “the messy playroom”). It’s official: I’m no Spielberg.
  • My dramatic ending on my purse is beyond weird. What is wrong with me?

Here’s some bonus “ordinary day” behavior. We always tell people how Burger sleeps like a human (with his head on the pillow and his body tucked under the covers) but people rarely believe just how hilarious this is. So here’s some visual evidence that I snapped this morning. I promise this isn’t staged. John got up first today, so I reached over and took some pics after Burger crawled up from the bottom of the bed to “steal” John’s place and sleep in at least four more hours. What a life.

What about you guys. What would people see if you randomly shot photos (or a shaky nausea-inducing video) of your house before cleaning up? Anything embarrassing out there like a teddy bear in the bed or a man-thong on the floor? Thank goodness I put John’s leopard one away before filming that video. Haha. Kidding. Sorry honey. I know just reading that is gonna make you all flustered.


  1. Sandra Ann says

    Love this! I was almost starting to hate you guys… you seem just too perfect… make the rest of us just-gettin-by folks feel bad about ourselves. Just kidding! but really… thanks for keeping it real.

  2. says

    Hahaha I love it. I recently took a picture of the livingroom with my new Nikon and was impressed by how much more room it picked up that the point and shoot. I was also distressed by the same feature, why on earth was there a towel hanging on the boot rack, and why did I not notice it until I took a picture?

  3. Jamie says

    Did I see Sue the Napkin in your purse or am I imagining things? I love knowing that you guys don’t always have everything in its place. I definitely relate to that :) And those pictures of Burger sleeping in the bed cracked me up! Hysterical!

    • says

      Oh yeah, that napkin goes with me everywhere- haha. That way I can be quickly tell if something works with the colors that we have going on or not. Very handy. She’s like my security blanket. Haha.


    • says

      I spotted that and it made me giggle too – you got your dramatic ending in the form of Sue.
      My old family dog used to sleep with his head on the pillow next to me :)

    • Char says

      My dog sleeps the same way as Burger! I kinda enjoy waking up to her sweet little face!~ I think Izzy and Burger would be great friends. :)

  4. Maryann says

    Thank you for that! I love your blog but sometimes it comes off as “look how prefect we are”. I honestly didn’t know that your home ever would look lived in. Great to know that your’re human after all…LOL.

    • Shannon says

      I disagree! While ‘you’ do always look so put together and organized, you don’t come across as ‘look how perfect we are’. It just makes all of us strive to be a little more organized ;) Thanks for making the rest of us feel good about our chaos though!!

    • says

      There it is. Haha. Scroll back to see me saying I usually get Natalie Portman with the voice. But sometimes Mila Kunis. This is hilarious to me for some reason now that they’ve both been in Black Swan together.


    • amyks says

      I also thought you sounded just like Natalie Portman, too. I just saw Black Swan and am still freaked out by it.

    • Jenny says

      Haha, I thought the same thing about Mila Kunis … the very day after I saw Black Swan I found a small white feather in my four year old’s ear!!! Talk about freaked out, but I think it was from a down pillow he was resting on during his nap. Thanks for keeping it real YHL! :)

  5. Michelle says

    Haha so cute! I have a manchester terrier (looks like a min pin) that does the SAME thing! She loves buring herself under blankets like Burger (I love your prior videos of him tearing up your bed), and gets pretty upset if the bed is made too tightly. She usually starts out the night buried at the bottom of the bed and gradually sneaks up to put her head on a pillow and sleep like a human by the end of the night. :)

  6. nk says

    The tour is great. Love the mess, it just makes you house look more real, alive and full of love. The photo wall is superb!
    Seeing your dining chairs in video, yep I agree they need to be one colour they channel a rather hotel conference dull room vibe.

  7. Tricia says

    lol…it is nice to know that your house isn’t always as pristine as it looks in the pics you post!! totally makes me feel better about the schoolbags and shoes strewn all over my house!! also, i love that you carry Sue in your handbag!! hysterical!! thanks for sharing!!

  8. says

    Thanks for sharing this. Your house is still beautiful, but it’s actually lived in and I love that. It’s also a good reminder for me to not get all up in arms if things in our house spend a little time away from their designated “home.”

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