New Organizing Goal Met! (We Cleared Out 100+ Things!)

Nothing lights a fire under your arse like making a public proclamation that you’re going to get rid of 100 things. So even though we’re not moving until mid December, we made our way from room to room paring down every single thing that we don’t love/need/use. The mantra as we went? No mercy. Because nothing is worse than packing, moving, and unpacking things that aren’t worth the time they took to transport or the space they’re eating up in the new place.

Here’s our getting-rid-of-it office pile:

Then we tackled the kitchen (Clara helped):

Here’s our outgoing kitchen pile (what you don’t see are a bunch of baskets and towels on the floor):

And here’s our den’s see-ya-later pile (cry not for the board games, they were doubles so we still have a copy of each one):

Our garage to-go pile:

Our basement done-zo pile:

And our big bedroom buh-bye pile (minus the baby and the dog of course- they stay):

And now for the full list of purged items:

  • 11 pairs of shoes (10 of mine, one of John’s)
  • 36 books (10 of which were cookbooks)
  • 10 video tapes & DVDS
  • 1 alarm clock
  • 1 computer mouse
  • countless padded envelopes & mailing tubes (from the days of our online print shop)
  • 6 board games (some of which we had two identical versions, so we got rid of one)
  • 2 yoga mats
  • 1 radio
  • 1 stocking
  • 2 faux pumpkins
  • 1 lamp
  • 4 pillows
  • 1 mirror
  • 5 frames
  • 54 items of clothing (including coats, hats, ties, tees, jeans, shirts, socks, etc)
  • 4 plastic plates
  • 6 ceramic plates
  • 1 power screwdriver
  • 4 outdoor chairs
  • 2 welcome mats
  • 1 rug
  • 2 baskets of faux plants (they lived in the not-sunny-enough-for-real-plants basement)
  • 1 floor lamp
  • 4 plant pots
  • 6 garden hooks
  • 1 stencil
  • 1 frisbee
  • 4 old quarts of paint
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 metal tins (we came up with a new diaper & wipe disposal system- more details soon)
  • 1 sprinkler
  • 1 trash can
  • 1 fabric basket
  • 1 dark wicker basket
  • 5 bath towels
  • 1 nursing cover
  • 8 baby toys & feeding supplies
  • 4 glass cups
  • 3 vases
  • 4 pieces of faux fruit
  • 8 wine glasses
  • 8 mugs
  • GRAND TOTAL: 222 items

Saweeeeeeeet. I mean on one hand it’s kind of embarrassing to admit that we were storing all that excess but boy does it feel good to get rid of it. Yup, that’s right. It’s all out of our house already – thanks to donating and selling every last item (we had an impromptu moving sale this weekend while we still had some steam and that no mercy attitude). We feared if things sat around for a while before we had a chance to donate or sell them we might have changed our minds and kept things that we didn’t need. And you know I have the patience of a 5 year old, right? More of those get-it-gone details coming soon.

What have you guys been purging? Have you identified any problem areas? We definitely held onto lots of books and clothes that we had no need for, but we were also surprised how many unnecessary kitchen items we were hoarding (many of which we had used exactly zero times).


  1. Jessica D. says

    Wow, good for you!! We’re planning on doing this soon too. We’re not moving, but expecting our second little baby. I hope our list turns out as long as yours!

  2. Emily says

    I noticed that those two aluminum buckets in the garage pic look like the ones you were storing Clara’s dirty diapers in. Did that system end up not working out? I ask as a soon-to-be mama planning on using cloth diapers and looking for storage options.

  3. Cassie Kimler says

    SATC? (Sex and the City) I don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone willing thrift SATC. Board games? i guess with all your work you two(four) don’t get bored too often. Great job on the decluttering!!!

  4. Laura B. says

    Great job! I noticed the two pails you used for your cloth diapers and wipes were in the pile…did those not work out for you? If not, what are you using now?

    • says

      Hey Laura B & Emily,

      We got high tech with our diaper & wipe disposal and we’ll be posting an update all about it on BabyCenter tomorrow. Stay tuned…


  5. says

    I have been on a purging rampage all fall long. I have gotten rid of mostly books, toys, and wierd little decor items that were unused. I unlike you, am having a really really hard time taking a look at my closet. Part with my shoes??? No way! But I know I need to. Now that I am a stay at home mom I pretty much live in a selection of 4 pairs of shoes, so I don’t really need a closetful. Sigh.

  6. says

    I’ve become a bit of a book hoarder over the last few years, so every few months I go through them, write up a list of the titles I’m clearing out and send an email to friends letting them know they’re up for grabs. I’m like my own little lending library.

    PS: If you guys happen to be swinging through NY anytime soon, I’ll gladly take those lawn chairs, a few fake pears and Rummikub off your hands.

  7. Samantha says

    Wow! I’m super impressed! I haven’t even begun yet…. but I should get on that, huh?

    My #1 biggest problem is CLOTHING! And shoes. And books. And to be honest, I just thrive in clutter. BUT NO MORE! I’m totally inspired by you guys and I am going to do it!

    But I can’t believe you got rid of Scattegories. Best game ever.

    • says

      Hey Samantha,

      A lot of the board games were actually doubles (so we had a travel version of Scattegories and a regular one, so we cut one down and kept one).


  8. Linda says

    We just had a yard sale in preparation for our move next weekend. We made almost $300, but even better was the freedom in getting rid of so many unused items!! I thought DVDs and home decor items would go quickly, but the first item sold: a concrete paperweight carved to look like a skull. Huh.

    Good luck with the move!!

  9. Kasey says

    Your post asked if we have any “problem areas” – well, it’s more like a problem person (ME!). Looking through your photos, I was thinking “Oh no, they’re not throwing out that cute lamp!” and “Oh, those are great board games!” We/I desperately need to adopt your “no mercy” style around here!

  10. Lili says

    Not Scattegories!! That is one of my family’s FAVE games ever! Lol. You are however, motivating me to go through my (newly bought) house and do the same… I wonder if I will make 100, or if I might do as you did, and go over… I might keep you posted, lol.

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