Annoying Pop-Ups

Sure we hate ’em on the internet, but we also don’t like unpleasant surprises popping up in our yard either. That means you giant crazy mushroom clump:

When we left for our daily walk yesterday evening I noticed what I thought was a pile of dead leaves knocked down by that morning’s rains. Nope, instead it was this mass o’ mushrooms that literally appeared out of nowhere in less than 24 hours. Not really the “buy my house” look we’re going for these days.

Now I consider myself to be a fun guy and I can appreciate the miracle that is nature (wow, that much mushroomage grew in just a day!) but this bloom of ‘shroom had to go. Good thing those suckers are easy to knock out (although there was a fair amount of slug-like slime involved). Here’s hoping they don’t pull a David Copperfield and reappear again anytime soon.

Pssst- Sherry here, ten points to those who can find the hidden mushroom pun that my cheesy hubby stealthily worked into this post.


  1. says

    i’ll take those 10 points for the “fun guy” comment. Oh, as a scientist, those really never get old. well, they do. but that’s neither here nor there.

    and, that was a HUGE mushroom. Should have used the bambino for scale :)

  2. Tera says

    Fun guy = fungi… I chuckled when I first reaad the post and immediately wondered why there wasn’t a parenthetical sidenote. Alas, Sherry to the rescue!

  3. Kim says

    Be thankful they’re not stinkhorns-they smell like a dead animal. We discovered our first stinkhorn right by the front door hiding amongst fallen Camilla blooms-not the welcome you want to give visitors! Turns out they feed or grow on decaying wood. No more free mulch from the city for us!

  4. Lindsay says

    Unrelated to this post (though I share your hatred of mushrooms in the yard), but your site is loading significantly slower for me lately – has something changed? While it’s loading, it claims to be “waiting for”, which looks likely to be a web tracking script you’re using. Maybe it’s just suddenly decided to start fighting with my work firewall? That does indeed happen occasionally. I’ll check from home later, but I’m just curious… :)

    • says

      Hey Lindsay,

      So sorry about that! We haven’t changed anything on our end (and our site is showing an average load time that’s pretty much the same as we’ve always had). But we’d love to hear if anyone else is noticing the same thing (or if it is your work firewall). Anyone else having an issue?


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