Reader Redesign: One Amazing 1K-ish Kitchen

Hold on to your jaws people because otherwise they’ll be on the floor in a few moments. Jordan and her husband have totally flipped their kitchen for just over a thousand dollars. And the result is nothing short of spectacular. Here’s Jordan’s letter:

I’ve been obsessed with y’alls blog for a while now. I check it every day! Me and the hubs finally bought a house this spring and just like you guys, we’re in love with it. We’re full time photographers (as opposed to designers or renovators) but I could paint and decorate for days without food or drink! I just love making things over!

We transformed the kitchen on a pretty tight budget. $1,207 to be exact!

But we definitely did our best to make our money go a loooong way. Just look at the difference:

Painting the cabinets and switching out the counters made for quite a change. And the stainless steel appliances that we already had definitely popped thanks to the change. Hanging a new light fixture above the sink also really changed the feeling of the room, and the new sink adds so much personality.

Here’s a little breakdown of everything that we used:

  • $20 – Paint for the cabinets (Olympic Dogwood Blossom)
  • $0 – Primer for the cabinets (we already had it)
  • $0 – Paint for the walls (don’t remember the name, but we had it forever)
  • $20 – Beadboard for the front of the peninsula (Home Depot)
  • $620 – Oak Numerar countertops (Ikea)
  • $185 – Sink (Ikea)
  • $98 – Faucet (Home Depot)
  • $86 – Knobs (Anthropologie)
  • $100 – White subway tile backspash (Home Depot)
  • $78 – Light fixture over sink (Ikea)
  • $0 – Stools (we already had them in another room)
  • TOTAL: $1,207

I’m so excited because I finally have a finished room to send y’all. Thanks so much Sherry and John!  – Jordan at

Isn’t it amazing? It’s just another example of how Ikea can come to the rescue when it comes to creating affordable room transformations – that and doing the work yourself to save some serious loot. We’re totally in love with what Jordan and her husband did that we’re just about ready to invite ourselves over for breakfast. Nice work guys! And what do you people at home think? Does it have you looking at your kitchen in a whole new way? What’s your favorite part?


  1. caitlin says


    i wish my kitchen would be so easy to make over! we are starting with nearly nothing!

    congrats on the super make over. wow. wow.

  2. caitlin says

    also i think my fav part is the countertops! i am constantly impressed with the ikea wood counters in online pics!

  3. Kristin says

    I couldn’t agree more that their work is fabulous! I had no idea that I can buy countertops at Ikea – definitely something to keep in mind…

    I have a QUESTION for Jordan. I notice that BOTH light fixtures were replaced. Where was the center one (not the one over the sink) purchased?

  4. Elizabeth says

    I love the countertops as well…I may have to consider those for my kitchen…and they look great with that sink.

    I’m curious as to what is going on where the ceiling light fixture used to be…is that a light…fans…what?

  5. TG says

    You are right. My jaw almost hit the floor. That kitchen is absolutely amazing. It went from a kind of dated and heavy feeling to totally fresh, light and airy. Wonderful job. I never thought of Ikea for kitchen counters but I will definately check them out now.

  6. Rachel says

    Gorgeous! Are those the Mercury Glass Melon Knobs? I’ve been eyeing those for a hack of the Ikea Rast dresser I’m about to do.

    They did a really super job. You totally do not think “budget makeover” when you look at this. I love that!

  7. says

    Oh my gosh! This is absolutely amazing makeover, I can’t believe it was done for just a little over a thousand dollars–it looks like it would have cost multiple K’s.

    Love the photographs as well! You can definitely tell their talented photographers. I love the apron sink (my favorite) and big industrial size pendant. Great job guys!

  8. Lisa says

    I love how you all only put knobs on the drawers. I have no hardware in my kitchen right now and this is a cost effective way to add a little jazz to it! Awesome job!

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