Reader Redesign: A Contemporized Chandelier

Sometimes the simplest changes can make a big statement, especially when it comes to updating an already-existing accessory in your home. In fact Allison proves just that with her simple and chic chandelier update. Here’s her letter:

My chandelier makeover was really easy to accomplish once I found the perfect modern shade to update my 1950s crystal chandelier.

I was lucky enough to locate a fabulous shade for $10 at a warehouse sale here in Dallas. Then I spray painted the ugly brass chain white (along with the “ceiling donut”) to match the already glossy white ceiling medallion. The open ring at the top of the shade made it easy to slip onto the chain, which I then re-hung from the ceiling. I think it makes my dining room look SO much better. I first saw this look in a Neiman Marcus home catalog, and of course had to try to copy it. I hope you enjoy my simple ceiling makeover as much as I do. – Allison

Of course we’re all over that nice clean-linen drum shade. And we love how it totally upgraded that already lovely crystal chandelier. Plus the fact that people spend a pretty penny on light fixtures just like it (check out this one for $718!) is the icing on the cake. Amazing work Allison! What do you guys think? Is anyone else looking for the perfect drum shade to layer over an existing fixture for a polished and modern vibe? Has anyone else taken on a similarly easy and affordable light fixture overhaul? Do tell.


  1. Carol N. says

    Oh I like Allison’s much better than the expensive one! This is exactly what I want for my dining room; now all I need is to find a shade big enough to cover my chandelier. Great job!

  2. says

    I love that the bulbs are now covered and it has a natural looking element to go with the shine from the glass. It looks much more luxe and the light is so much softer. Nice work, Allison!

  3. says

    This looks way better than the expensive version. Someone should make a huge drum shade to hide a ceiling fan. I would definitely buy that!

  4. Tracie says

    Wow!!!!! I have a hideous brass chandelier in my foyer, I too have been searching for an exceptionally large drum shade. Excellent job Allison!

  5. Courtney says

    It definitely looks better than the expensive version. But I have to be honest and say that I would have just spray painted the chain and kept the chandelier as is. I love vintage chandeliers and you can always add other elements to the room for a more modern vibe.

  6. kathy says

    I’m new in Dallas, and looking for fun places to shop. Where did you find the lampshade. Thanks so much.
    And Young House Love, love your site. Thank you for the wonderful ideas and posts!

  7. Mel V. says

    Ooh, creative idea! I’m not sure if I’d do it – it looks really strange to me to put a shade on a chandelier – but I’m guessing it makes a lot more sense in person when you can see how it affects the room’s lighting. Awesome quick & cheap update.

    • says

      Hey Tracie,

      There’s a bit of a description in her letter (it sounds like she used the ring inside the shade and slipped it over the chain to hold it in place) but here’s hoping Allison drops in with more details for you!


  8. Cristi says

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been getting 1 or 2 pop up ads each time I visit your page lately.

    On a happier note, I love this lamp!

    • says

      Argggghhhh! Nooooo! Can you tell us what advertiser they’re for? Ex: Lumber Luquidators. Thanks so much. Is anyone else getting these?

      To everyone else: WE NEVER ALLOW POP UPS ON OUR SITE. They’re so annoying! So if you see them they’re a mistake and we need your help to know when they’re popping up aso we can get them taken care of. Thanks so much!


  9. says

    I need to do this to my chandelier. It’s supposedly vintage ( or so says the previous homeowner who said its from the south and over 100 years old). It’s brass and I’m not liking it anymore. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Karen J says

    NICE, really nice. Do YHL or Allison have DIY instructions for this? How do you know what size shade to purchase?

    • says

      Here’s hoping Allison stops in with more details. We’d imagine you just measure the diameter of your chandy and get something bigger so it’ll fit over it. Hope it helps!


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