Reader Redesign: Light & Lovely Loo

When Grace sent over her gorgeous bathroom renovation pics we just had to share them- especially since she and her husband did all of the work themselves (all while on a super tight timeline). Here’s her letter:

Greetings from sunny San Diego! We recently renovated our bathroom (and did it all in under a month just like you guys). My husband Collin did all of the work himself (with a little help from yours truly) and we really love how it turned out. We especially like the glass tile that we chose for the tub, the lighter look of two pedestal sinks (over our previously bulky vanity) and the nickel fixtures that finish everything off. We hope you enjoy the before and afters! Oh and you can check out my blog for more details. – Grace

Here’s her bathroom before the big makeover:

And here’s the same space after they upgraded pretty much everything- from the sinks, sconces, mirrors, and tile:

Stunning, no? Didn’t Grace and her hubby Collin do a fantastic job? We almost can’t believe it’s the same room. It definitely shows that a dated and dingy bathroom can be totally transformed into a light and airy masterpiece with a bit of thought and some simple yet sophisticated selections (like those gleaming shower tiles, two elegant pedestal sinks and a few brushed nickel accents that feel classic and crisp). Plus to achieve that major transformation in just a few short weeks (well, they probably felt pretty long) of hard work is just amazing. Don’t forget to head over to Grace’s blog to learn all about where she got what and to peruse even more brilliant bathroom details. But first let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. We’re thinking ours is that wall of gorgeous iridescent bath tiles. But we love those double pedestal sinks too. Hmm…


  1. Rebekah says

    Was not expecting the bathing child as I was scrolling down! LOL! Great makeover! I love the mosaic tile and those sconces.

  2. jonesy says

    this is amazing! looks beautiful. great move with the pedestal sinks. made so much room for space and style. lovely redo.

  3. kristy says

    Holy cow, that’s fantastic! We’re preparing to gut a full bath and half bath that share a wall and hope to have equally fantastic results.

    Nice work!

  4. jen says

    wow..amazing they did all that tile work themselves…and on such a tight timeline too. Gorgeous!

    I don’t have tile work in my master bath and don’t plan to do any (I’m not that savvy LOL). Instead I really want to paint it a nice muted gray-blue color. It gets lots of sun so the colors I’ve picked tend to look really pastel…like a little boys room. Any suggestions for a muted gray-blue?

  5. Greg says

    Kudos on the redo. I personally think pedestal sinks should only be used in powder rooms. I’m curious to see where all the storage is now. I guess living in New York City makes me think that anyone who gets rid of a vanity is crazy. But if it suits your lifestyle, go for it!

  6. says

    I love the beaded board. Next come the white plates on the wall, closely followed by the sconces with their shiny nickel and warm textured shades.


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