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When Robyn sent over some photos of her charming nursery (full of adorable details) we had to share the love. Here’s her letter:

We had our first baby on 9/9/09 and I wanted to share his nursery with you. It started off as our guest room but shower water leaked through the bathroom wall onto the berber carpet so when I was many, many months pregnant my husband ripped it out and we laid tiles from Home Depot that we bought for about $75. We painted one wall Shark Fin blue, put up some old shelves I had for years (from West Elm), used some curtains we had stored away (from Pier 1), moved in a recliner from the living room, and added a rug that used to be in my office. The dresser was a 1950s piece found on Craigslist for $35 (we bolted the changing pad to the back and slipped it into the closet enclave). The book shelf is from Target and the dragonfly magnetic wall art is from The crib is Di Vinci (a gift from the grandmother), the egg lamp is J. Schatz (a gift from friends), and the bedding is Dwell (scored on ebay for 40% off). All told we spent around $700 on the floor, paint, mattress, bedding, the fan (about 50 bucks on sale at Restoration Hardware), the side table (40 bucks on clearance at Hobby Lobby), the paper star mobile, our NYC and BKLYN posters, and the Craigslist dresser. Take care and congratulations on your own little one on the way!! -Robyn

Here’s the nursery before the big baby-friendly makeover:

And here’s the nursery after Robyn worked her maternal magic:

Isn’t that a sweet and happy place to raise a bambino? Everything from the dragonflies on the wall to the origami mobile has us feeling all warm and fuzzy. Thanks so much for sending the photos our way Robyn! And what about you guys- do you have a favorite part? Is it the art? That great vintage Criagslist dresser? Do tell.

Note: While Robyn’s crib sports a bumper in the photo she actually removed it once her son started sleeping in the crib due to the associated SIDS risk. There are definitely a lot of highly personal decisions that are made on the crazy adventure that is parenthood and we love that every family can make choices that work best for them.


  1. says

    This is such an adorable nursery, and makes me realize that I need to get started on my bambino’s room very soon. I love the paper mobile. Did she make it or purchase it? I’m planning to make one and have been scouring the internet trying to find instructions.

  2. Sally says

    So cute!! In terms of the bumper thing, we had a big ole bumper in our son’s crib and then traded it in for a BreathableBaby bumper, which, albeit not quite as cute, definitely works. You can buy them pretty much anywhere, but you can check them out on (A Web site I was upset I didn’t know about until about a month ago!)

  3. Brooke says

    I’ve noticed that a lot of your baby-related post have those disclaimers at the end. How frustrating that you must’ve received plenty of busy-bodied, obnoxious comments to cause you to flag your posts like this! :(

    • says

      Oh no, everyone means well! There are just A TON of opinions when it comes to babies and safety so we always try to remind people that many choices are extremely personal and when we feature a photo of a nursery that inspires us we’re not endorsing nor are we judging any of those personal parenthood decisions- we just want people to do what’s right for them!


  4. says

    I would love to find out where the mobile is from as well! Our nursery is pretty bare bones right now (our little one isn’t set to show up until August) but there is a chair and a dresser that I refinished and put in the room. I especially love the dresser and when I was working on it I was already a couple weeks pregnant, but we didn’t find out until a few weeks later! When I blogged about the dresser I posted a big disclaimer that we were absolutely NOT pregnant and I just refinished it for fun. Surprise surprise! You can see my dresser here: (sorry but I have a devil of a time photographing red) and my nursery chair is here:

  5. says

    Cute nursery!

    Laura – the star mobile is actually made of German paper stars. They are commonly made during Christmas. You make them using 4 long strips of paper. Just Google ‘German Paper Star’ and I’m sure you will find directions. Once you get the hang of it, the stars are really easy to make!

  6. says

    Where did they get that rug? I love it!

    Also, the curtains so close to the crib may pose a climbing hazard later on…I have the same setup, and caught my escape artist once…she’s never done it again.

  7. Jill Stigs says

    Very cute! I bought those dragonflies at BB&B too, and put the whole swarm up on 3 walls. Mine, however, are not magnetic……..they just fit onto the push pin part.

    Really love that mobile, very cool.

  8. says

    I learned how to make paper stars like that when I was a little kid at church and we used to decorate the Christmas trees in the sanctuary with nothing but white lights and white paper stars like those! (It’s a Lutheran church, so no wonder we’d use German paper stars). I re-learned how to make them a few years ago by googling the directions, but I might have had trouble if I had been learning for the first time. So just trust the instructions and go with it! Your strips need to be all the same width, and it helps to trim the ends so they taper, making it much easier to push through. Good luck with it!

    That mobile is my favorite part, for sentimental reasons, and because it’s such a wonderful idea that I’m definitely going to DIY for my own nursery next year!! Great job, Robyn!

  9. Ericka says

    I have to say that the nursery is adorable! I love to see how others decorate for not a lot of moolah!
    Like the previous commenter said, the breathable bumpers are
    awesome for making sure baby doesn’t suffocate in the crib. I used one for my baby when she started rolling around more because I found her crying one night with her
    arm stuck between the crib rails. Up until that point she had no bumper, but I got the breathable one after that so she wouldn’t get her little limbs caught up in the rails.

  10. Laurie says

    I too love the mobile and want to DIY. I’m good on the paper stars, what about the overall structure? I hope there is a follow up in depth post :)

  11. Emmy A says

    I’m having a boy in June and love any nursery ideas you have! Thanks for sharing such a fun room. I may just be dense, but I don’t see the vintage dresser. I want to do a changing pad on a dresser too and was curious how they did it, but I couldn’t find it in the pics. My pregnant mind might just be missing something, though.

    • says

      Hey Emmy,

      Nope your pregnant mind is right on! The changing pad and dresser actually aren’t pictured above but it was tucked into the doorless closet enclave just out of frame (to the left) in the first after picture. For an idea of how it looks to have a changing pad on top of a dresser check out this post (where my sister in law Emily used a grippy rug pad to keep it in place). Of course a baby should always be supervised when on a changing pad so as long as it doesn’t slip around or wiggle you’re good to go).


      UPDATE: Robyn sent along an additional photo with the dresser in it so we’ve added it to the post! Hope it helps!

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