Decorating Our Silver Christmas Tree In Fast Motion

It’s December 1st, which means the calendar has given us full permission to get our Merry Christmas on- or at least get things started. So we kicked things off last Sunday by putting up our artificial (reusable?) Christmas tree. It has yet to be fully decorated with ornaments, but if you wanna dive head first into the holidays with us, here’s a quick little video that captures the process (broken strand of lights and all) and hopefully drums up a little taste of seasonal spirit in the process. Watch it below on Vimeo or here on YouTube:

And while we do our best to give all of you sneak-a-peek-at-work readers a non-video version to enjoy, there’s not much to say or show this time by the way of a photo rundown. Basically we put up our tree (after a couple failed attempts at figuring out which part was the bottom), threw down two sheepskin rugs as a tree skirt and plugged the tree in only to discover a section of lights was out. Sigh. But it’s all in fast motion with a bit of holiday music so it’s somehow still cheerful and fun. Oh and Sherry’s baby belly is clearly visible so that might be exciting for some of you bump watchers out there.

In the good news department: we’ve since fixed our little tree-lighting issue. The better news: we’ll have more pictures (and a sequel video) to share once it gets all ornamentified. Just gotta hunt down (or create) a few more in a certain hard-to-find color first (Sherry’s all about a punchy new scheme this year so stay tuned for that).

But what about you guys. Has anyone else started their holiday decorating yet? We were amazed to see tons of homes that were already fully decked out with lights along the roof and around the porch and a giant tree glowing in the window just the day after Thanksgiving. We’re starting a bit more slowly- but fear not, we’ll pick up steam in the coming weeks and share all the fun along the way. After all, ’tis the season…


  1. Kelly says

    So far, so good! Everything looks great (as do you). I haven’t been following the blog regularly, so tell me: where did you get that You & Me picture right behind the tree? I love it.

  2. says

    I think our tree is very similar to yours. It’s tall and skinny — a great choice for a small-ish space! The only problem we have with ours is that our cats crawl up inside it . . . and they chewed the wiring last year, so the lights don’t work anymore.

    You likely don’t have that problem with Burger — but, and this is a question to everyone, how do you get pets to stop tearing the tree apart?!??!?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!:(

    Lookin’ good, though!

  3. Hailey says

    This is our first Christmas in our new house. I was so excited this year to decorate for Christmas (have always lived in dorm rooms or small apartments so no room for decorations). We got a smoking deal on a pre-lit artificial tree at Home Depot on Black Friday ($49!!!). We put it up on Sunday and picked up some ornaments at the dollar store (it will take years to amass the collection my Mom has).

    I also picked up a pre-lit garland at Costco for the mantel and some holiday flannel sheets (with matching throw pillows) from Target.

    Unfortunately, we have no exterior outlets, so we can’t put up any lights. :(

  4. says

    love the bump and I cannot wait to see some of your creative Christmas decorating ideas! you two are so creative and never too cheesy with your style! Keep it up

  5. Leigh says

    Such a cute video! I’m loving the baby bump Sherry! We put our tree up over the weekend. We also use an artificial tree; mostly because my allergies prevent us from having a real one.

    On a side note, I saw that you+me poster online a few weeks ago and after seeing it in your room, I have to have it now!!! I think it will look great in our master bedroom :)

  6. Kate says

    Cute video! Can’t wait to see all your decorations! We pulled out all our decorations this weekend. I haven’t gotten very excited about it all though because I hate cold weather! I’m hoping my excitement for the holidays starts to overcome my sadness about the cold weather soon. We get a real tree (and support my husband’s old boy scout troop while doing so) and although more expensive, it is better for the environment. Like some other people said, the trees come from Christmas tree farms and you can drop off your tree after the holidays to get mulched. If you go the artificial tree route, please buy a nice one you’ll be able to use for a LONG time. Couple questions for you guys: Is your tree pre-lit? And, have you tried the LED Christmas lights? The “white” lights I’ve seen have all looked blue. Has anyone seen any that look white?

    • says

      Hey Kate,

      Yup, our tree is pre-lit and we purchased it a few years ago and do plan to use it basically until it won’t stand up anymore (even then we might just prop it up somehow to get even more longevity out of it). In short: we’re gonna use it til the cows come home (which some experts argue can be the greener thing to do since driving out to tree farms and back every Christmas for a decade can create more of a carbon footprint than the one-time energy spent making and shipping a faux tree that remains at your house for decades with no further driving involved). We’re all about using what we have!

      It’s definitely a personal choice for each household and we encourage people to do what’s right for them (real trees are gorgeous, smells great, support farmers, are super biodegradable, etc) so there are lots of pros and cons on each side! As for LED lights, we plan to try them out this year when decorating the outside of our house (and have heard that they look a lot more white this season- a lot of recent developments have been made to create a less blue appearance). Hope it helps!


  7. Amy B. says

    We have sort of started our decorating. Hubby got down the decorations from the attic, and I have put a holiday table runner on our dining room table. With a 3-week old, it’s been hard finding time to get started. We’ll be doing our indoor decorating this week and get the lights up outside over the weekend.
    I think it would be interesting to have a post about who does a fake vs. real tree over the holidays and why. Maybe “Almost Dr. Dan” could chime in on the pros/cons of both, too?

  8. LauraC says

    I just want to chime in with my two cents, even though others have mentioned it: I think that real trees are great for the environment, because they come from farms, and yes, they are cut down, but just as many are planted every year. We have not always cut our own, but will this year as we are now back in the great Pacific Northwest aka the Evergreen State. Yeah for pine smell! (Hope to get our Christmas decorations up this week; the bathroom painting/redo has to get finished first!)

  9. Hailey says

    I just wanted to point out that the artifical tree my mom uses, we have had for at least 20 years…maybe more. It is a beast and takes at least an hour to put together and then probably another hour to string the lights on. My mom still uses it…and if/when we get a bigger house, I bet she will pass it down to me. It may not be the “green” option…but she has it so she uses it.

  10. stephanie says

    hi there-
    do you guys mind “you tubing” all your future videos? i can never get vimeo
    to work well!
    thanks a bunch.
    such a joy to have a sweet baby on the way at Christmastime!

    • says

      Hey Stephanie,

      Good news! We actually do You Tube all of them! In fact there’s even a link to the You Tube version of the one above in the post, right before the video (just click the “see it here on You Tube” link to go there). Hope it helps!


  11. Heather M says

    I’m sooo excited for Christmas decorating this year! And this video has defiantly got me in the Christmas spirit. We’re in the middle of a pretty major project though, we’ve just knocked down a wall to what used to be a bedroom, to create our new formal dining room (the best Christmas present ever!) We’re putting in the french doors this week, and now that the dining room table has it’s own room, we’ll have plenty of space for the Christmas tree! Oh I can’t wait!

    And Sherry, like everyone else mentioned, you’re rocking the bump!

  12. Heather H says

    I agree that real trees are the more environmentally responsible choice, though neither choice is perfect. At least if you buy from a tree farm, which replaces everything cut, it helps to remove carbon dioxide from our air as they grow and supports the farmer. I often want to cave to getting a faux tree for the simplicity and ease of not hauling the real one in and out, but have so far resisted.

    From The Daily Green: Pros and Cons
    Most Christmas trees are now raised on established farms, meaning deforestation isn’t an issue, but they must be shipped, often from long distances. They do require pesticides and fueled vehicles to maintain, and may end up taking up space in landfills.

    On the other hand, most artificial Christmas trees are made in China, typically from oil-derived, pollution-releasing polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A number have been found to contain lead. Once finally disposed of, artificial trees will last for centuries in landfills. These days, roughly 70% of Americans choose artificial.

    Read more:

  13. Jen Z. says

    wow I wish our tree went up that fast. great video. We put ours up on sunday. It’s pretty much finished, just have to find the star to put on top and the tree skirt. lol! Sherry your belly bump is so cute. You look great.

  14. Abby says

    Wow! You two work fast :)
    I agree with the 2nd trimester Christmas. I had my baby May 3rd so I had a bump like you at Christmas. It was great! I was over the morning (all day) sickness, but still little enough to eat all the festive food without feeling stuffed! Perfect timing ;)
    Enjoy your last year of decorating your whole tree… next year is the top half only!

  15. Anna says

    I don’t have a clue about whether a real or artificial tree is better for the environment. I do believe, however, that an artificial tree is a good choice for households with babies or young children because kids and pine needles can be bad news, also pine sap can get into little hands and eyes (and hair!). Not to mention allergies.
    Just something to think about-up until our kids were about 5, we used an artificial tree, no lights (electrical hazard), and unbreakable ornaments made of wood or paper (like Moravian or German paper stars). Of course every household is different, but for us it took a lot of worry off our minds.

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