Decorating Our Silver Christmas Tree In Fast Motion

It’s December 1st, which means the calendar has given us full permission to get our Merry Christmas on- or at least get things started. So we kicked things off last Sunday by putting up our artificial (reusable?) Christmas tree. It has yet to be fully decorated with ornaments, but if you wanna dive head first into the holidays with us, here’s a quick little video that captures the process (broken strand of lights and all) and hopefully drums up a little taste of seasonal spirit in the process. Watch it below on Vimeo or here on YouTube:

And while we do our best to give all of you sneak-a-peek-at-work readers a non-video version to enjoy, there’s not much to say or show this time by the way of a photo rundown. Basically we put up our tree (after a couple failed attempts at figuring out which part was the bottom), threw down two sheepskin rugs as a tree skirt and plugged the tree in only to discover a section of lights was out. Sigh. But it’s all in fast motion with a bit of holiday music so it’s somehow still cheerful and fun. Oh and Sherry’s baby belly is clearly visible so that might be exciting for some of you bump watchers out there.

In the good news department: we’ve since fixed our little tree-lighting issue. The better news: we’ll have more pictures (and a sequel video) to share once it gets all ornamentified. Just gotta hunt down (or create) a few more in a certain hard-to-find color first (Sherry’s all about a punchy new scheme this year so stay tuned for that).

But what about you guys. Has anyone else started their holiday decorating yet? We were amazed to see tons of homes that were already fully decked out with lights along the roof and around the porch and a giant tree glowing in the window just the day after Thanksgiving. We’re starting a bit more slowly- but fear not, we’ll pick up steam in the coming weeks and share all the fun along the way. After all, ’tis the season…


  1. Carla says

    Oh, how I wish it really went that fast putting up the tree. With a fiesty cat and an even fiestier three year old, this years tree assembly should be an adventure!

    I love the music you used in the video!

  2. says

    Love your belly bump Sherry! I love that you guys are using a “reusable” tree, I know a lot folks out there do, I guess you can make up for me… who just can’t get away from a real one. From shopping for it, to the fresh pine smell- I love everything about a real tree. I know it isn’t the best for the environment, but I just can’t help but feel lost without a real one. AAHH I am sooo lame, and a contributor to the declining ozone layer.

    • says

      Hey Chelsea,

      Good news! Real trees definitely aren’t bad for the environment since they’re replanted each year and they’re extremely biodegradable. And one way we’ve heard for real tree lovers to go above and beyond for Mother Nature is to get their tree chipped into mulch so it gets a second life instead of just drying up and getting carted off. But even if it does get carted off to the landfill, at least it’s biodegradable! Hope it helps.


  3. Stefani says

    You guys are so cute. I love the fast motion documentation of putting up the tree – I haven’t put mine up yet, so I think I might do that, too – how fun! I guess it is time to get in the Christmassy spirit!

  4. says

    My only motivation to finish up this assignment I’m working on is taking out the tree… And now you’re pushing me even more! It looks sooo pretty even with just the lights!

  5. Jeane says

    I’m from Germany (but live in Ohio) and we don’t start putting up the tree until December 24th in the morning. So coming over here and seeing trees being put up at the beginning of December was a really big adjustment for me. After being here for 5 years now I am finally at that point where I can not wait for Thanksgiving to be over and start to decorate everything ;-) That being said, we did put up the outside decoration on the house and also the stockings and other little things around the house. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for the tree the past weekend, so it has to wait until this coming weekend. I can’t wait to see it all up and glowing as well as my kids eyes glowing with joy when they see it :-)

  6. says

    People around here have had lights up outside and trees in their window for weeks. It’s craziness I tell ya. We did outdoor lights on Sunday, and we’ll put the tree and the rest of the decorations up this week. The ornaments don’t go on till Christmas Eve though!

  7. Nicole B. says

    Cute! My 2yo loved the music :) Our lights did the same thing this year.

    We are in need of a new tree next year and the debate has been… What is better for the environment: an artifical tree that needs to be replaced every decade (or so) or real trees every year? Any thoughts?

    • says

      Hey Nicole,

      We’ve heard that the best version by far is to get a small potted evergreen that you can decorate on a tabletop and then plant outside. After that it’s debatable about faux vs. real cut trees since real cut ones just dry out and get tossed en masse (getting yours chipped up and using it as mulch is nice because it gives it a second life) and faux ones take energy to make and aren’t as bio-degradable as real ones (so the longer you use and reuse them the greener they get). You also have to factor in the emissions over the years spent going out to a tree farm and getting a tree each season when compared to the one-time shipping of a faux tree (which you’ll then set up over and over again without driving anywhere). We plan to use ours until it won’t stand up anymore, so that’s our eco-friendly solution (we figure it saves at least a dozen trees over the years and by resisting the urge to upgrade or replace it until it’s physically unusable we’ll get the most bang for Mother Earth) but it’s really all about what works for you and your family. Hope it helps!


  8. Amy says

    Ha! Love it! I have our fake one up in the foyer… we’ll get a real one later for the family room. Wish it was as quick as in your video!

  9. cathey says

    Love the video!
    Another good thing about getting a real tree is that it supports farmers. Christmas tree farms help sustain the rural economy….and another tree is planted for each one that is cut so that there is always a continuous supply. We always get a real one and have it turned into mulch after Christmas.

    I still understand the artificial tree side. Allergies are not fun. :)

    • says

      Great point Cathey! We love that real trees keep getting replentished and it supports farmers! There are definitely lots of pros and cons in each category and we love that each family can decide what’s right for them thanks to the different options that are available!


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