You Asked, We Answered: Part 1

As bloggers we answer plenty of questions (especially when they have to do with painting cabinets, upholstering headboards and hanging art). But we wanted to take some time out of this week’s blogiversary extravaganza to answer a different breed of question: the personal one. Taking a cue from some of our other favorite bloggers who opened themselves up to a little Q & A, we recently asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to ask us anything, particularly things not about home improvement or the blog.

We ended up with some familiar queries (“will you two just have a baby already?” “have you been approached for a TV show?”) and some unexpected ones too (“do you ever swear?” “who is the messy one?”). Needless to say, they all kept us chattering away. So check out the video clip below for Part 1 of Getting To Know The Real Petersiks (there were so many questions we broke ’em up into two videos, the next of which we’ll share next week) or catch it here on YouTube:

Did one of our answers spawn a new question? Or did you think of something else entirely that you just gotta ask? Leave your query as a comment and we just might end up filming a third installment someday. After all, we’re Chatty Cathys when you get us going…

Psst- Check out part two of this video right here.


  1. says

    I love you guys. (Love like “like a lot” not like “I’m in love with you guys”).

    Good call on passing by the Sweaty John Show, btw. I was highly entertained watching your theatrical interpretation of the idea, though :)I’m showing this one to Sam!


  2. Gail says

    Great video. I sympathize with the “When are you guys going to have a baby already?” question. We were married five years before we did, and of course we only had to hear it from family and friends, not half our fan base. :) In retrospect I see it as a compliment, just like it’s a compliment to you. People like you and want to see you with a little you. I say kudos for taking your time, until you feel it’s time.

    Love Burger’s input–hilarious.

  3. says

    Y’all are SO cute. (I’m sure John loves hearing that.)

    On to more important things. I bought 5 new frames for my living room that need to be hanged in a row (3 vertical, 2 horizontal), but I don’t want to do it. You have the skills. I see those purty ones behind you. So. Can you come do it for me? (I’ve done it before – with 3 in my bedroom – but good GAWD it sucketh.)

    And a questions. Do you guys always agree on paint colors? That’s a big hangup here. (I want a green kitchen! My husband hates green! Ack.)

  4. Tracy says

    I <3 you guys, really. You brighten my day with your positivity and your cuteness. You both are A-DOR-ABLE!!!

    Thanks for all that you do! :-)

  5. misty says

    love the video! thanks for the smiles!

    I like NikKidd’s first question above.
    1. Is there any one item in your house that you two really don’t agree on?
    and also do you ever disagree on projects?

  6. LauraC says

    Thanks for the fun video!!! Nice morning treat . . . as a side note, you just keep on ignoring all those blathering about when will you have kids. Sheesh, I don’t understand why complete strangers say that. You have them when you are ready to – no rush at all! (and it’s none of our business anyway)

  7. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the video! I’ve been looking forward to it. I did come up with another question: When people see your house for the first time after having seen it online, what do they say? Does it look the same as in the pictures?

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