You Asked, We Answered: Part 1

As bloggers we answer plenty of questions (especially when they have to do with painting cabinets, upholstering headboards and hanging art). But we wanted to take some time out of this week’s blogiversary extravaganza to answer a different breed of question: the personal one. Taking a cue from some of our other favorite bloggers who opened themselves up to a little Q & A, we recently asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to ask us anything, particularly things not about home improvement or the blog.

We ended up with some familiar queries (“will you two just have a baby already?” “have you been approached for a TV show?”) and some unexpected ones too (“do you ever swear?” “who is the messy one?”). Needless to say, they all kept us chattering away. So check out the video clip below for Part 1 of Getting To Know The Real Petersiks (there were so many questions we broke ’em up into two videos, the next of which we’ll share next week) or catch it here on YouTube:

Did one of our answers spawn a new question? Or did you think of something else entirely that you just gotta ask? Leave your query as a comment and we just might end up filming a third installment someday. After all, we’re Chatty Cathys when you get us going…

Psst- Check out part two of this video right here.


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      Hey K*OS,

      The name of the paint color behind us in the video is Sand White by Glidden. They’ve since discontinued it but if you ask the guys at the paint desk they should be able to look up the formula and whip up a batch for you. Hope it helps!


      p.s. so glad you guys are getting a kick out of our little blogiversary video!

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      I bet Burger’s answer could loosely be translated as this: “My crazy parents are always painting or hammering something. But they take me on walks and give me treats so I’m happy. Oh and Mom feeds me more (just so you know Dad).”



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    You guys remind me so much of my boyfriend and I! We recently bought our first house in VA and are just getting started on all our big renovations. First major project, build a garage ourselves, yikes! (which you can follow on our very own blog). Love you guys and love your blog…congrats on 2 whole years!

    p.s. Go Hokies! Haha, sorry John, it’s all in good fun!

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    Okay, so I don’t always get to watch the videos because I’m often checking the blog at work on my lunch break. BUT, I think I’m gonna have to start, because when it comes to the videos, you guys are hilarious in a totally different way than when it comes to just the blog posts! You guys both have great comedic timing, which is kinda hard to get to come across on a blog sometimes! Not that your blog isn’t funny…just that the videos are a hilarious treat too!

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    You guys are so cute and funny, I love the video! A couple more questions for you…What do you guys do for fun other than home projects? You’ve shared some of your fun road-trip weekends, but what do you do on an average weeknight or on a lazy weekend? And do you ever watch tv/what do you watch? You crazy kids always seem so busy, do you ever just zone out in front of the tv?

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    Totally charming, guys. Thanks for sharing!

    I would think that Richmond is a large enough town that you would have a relatively good sense of privacy. If you ever want your movement tracked, move on over to Charlottesville. We pretend to be cool and laid back, but the second Boyd Tinsley walks into Mudhouse, we all turn a little stalkerish.

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