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Robin’s Color Conundrum

When we heard that Robin was in desperate need of some exterior color advice, we whipped out our paint chips and got right to work. Here’s her letter:

I’m in need of some color guidance! I will be closing next week on a new-to-me home. The new hardi-board siding on both sides and the back needs to be painted and I’d decided to paint it a light gray (and paint the accents near the garage a darker gray) but now that the time has come, I can’t seem to make a decision! The roof is a light blue/gray color, and the painter will be painting the soffit and fascia along with the walls of the house. I really like the idea of painting the front door a different color and was thinking of something in a reddish, purple-gray, or burgundy. Then there’s my indecision about whether I should paint the garage door. I found two color combos that I like, but I am not sure how dark or light they will look on a whole house. The house is only about 1100 square feet, so I’m afraid of making it look smaller. This led me to think that maybe I should stick with white as the main color, which would mean I wouldn’t necessarily have to repaint the garage door or the window frame, and then I could have the front door color pretty much any color I want. As you can see, I really could use your help!! Thanks a bunch! – Robin

We love Robin’s charming new home already, and a bit of color is just what the doctor ordered to add some curb appeal and look-at-me style to spare. So without further ado, three paint palettes that we painstakingly selected to turn Robin’s new home into home sweet home:

Here’s the color scheme breakdown.

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Painting And Hanging A Few Sweet Birdhouses

We bought a new house! Actually, we got two of them but they’re for the birds. Literally. We picked up two cheap ol’ $3 birdhouses at Michael’s after learning that now is the time to put them out to hopefully catch the eye of some feathered friends (who will someday repay you by catching their fair share of mosquitoes in the spring). But they weren’t much to look at, and didn’t seem built to weather the elements, so of course we whipped out our tools for a little home makeover. Here’s they are before the renovation, with their porous and rickety balsa wood frames and their woven (and therefore not at all rain proof) roofs:

Zero dollars later (thanks to some leftover all-weather deck paint from the sunroom floor project and a few extra roofing tiles that we had lying around) we whipped up something a bit sturdier and a lot more rain-friendly. We just reinforced the rickety wood frames and attached the roofing tiles (cut to size) with good ol’ Liquid Nails, and drilled a small hole in the back of each house to allow them to hang on a tiny nail hammered directly into the tree. Voila:

Something sturdy and sweet to come home to. Times two.

So what do you think about our two new homes? Any tips to get some fabulous mosquito eating birdies to come to roost? We can’t wait to see who comes to feather our little nests…