Making A Craft Corner For Writing Letters & Wrapping Gifts

Oh, we have such a cute little mini-makeover to share. John stayed home sick today (feeling flu-ish) but somehow I found the time to pull a little presto change-o while he napped on the couch. Since we love our new wall of frames in the third bedroom so much, we need an excuse to be in there more than once a year. So I swapped out the never-used-reading-chair for our old kitchen table that had been living in the basement, creating the perfect card-writing & present-wrapping station.

One of our hall closets was jam-packed with bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and ribbons while my desk in the den was overflowing with cards, stationery, and envelopes for every occasion. Making a little gift-wrapping and letter writing home-base with everything organized and accessible was the perfect solution. And John awoke to a whole new reason to visit the wall of frames in the third bedroom (and a much emptier coat closet, whew). But enough jabbering, how about some photos?

Here’s the ol’ chair-in-the-corner set up:

Chair Before

And here’s our fun new present-wrapping & letter-writing station (made completely with baskets, folders, cups, bags, and even a planter we already had… gotta love a free mini- makeover):

Desk After

Now for some fun (and totally do-able) details. First, a planter full of wrapping paper (soooo much easier to take care of than any plant I’ve ever met):

Planter Close Up

And my bag basket! I turned a woven basket that used to be full of books into an organized gift-bag and tissue paper catch-all. I know it’ll save me mucho money since I can see everything I have instead of re-buying stuff that I can never seem to find.

Bag Basket

And here’s my favorite part, the colorful (and über-organized) desktop. I love the old basket-turned-filing-cabinet I threw together (it holds printed manila folders full of envelopes and cards for all occasions).

Folder Close Up

And here’s another shot from a slightly different angle, just to show you how everything is at arms reach.

Second Desk View

I’m so excited to go write some thank yous and wrap some presents. Bring on the birthdays.


  1. YoungHouseLove says

    Yeah, we figured since we have two guest bedrooms (until we start having babies) we might as well make them more useful to our everyday lives. We actually have guests fairly frequently in the bigger guest room with the double bed, but this cozy room only has a daybed so it almost never gets used. Until now…



  2. YoungHouseLove says

    I’m sure in a few years when we have little ones running around we’ll remember the days of the gift wrapping room and laugh. That room’s gonna be the nursery, so it’ll sadly be the first thing to go. Although, now that I think about it, maybe I can squeeze that desk into a corner of the sunroom. There’s an idea…


  3. Madelaine says

    I love a wrapping station! I turned an old wardrobe into my wrapping center. The three drawers on the left side hold tissue and bags. The open wardrobe on the right holds all my paper. I even used a pants hanger (supposed to hold 5 pr of pants) to hold spools of ribbon and hung it on the built in rod! A couple inexpensive plastic shoe boxes hold tags, bows and all the other stuff. The best is that no one knows what it is until you start looking inside! Love your website.

  4. Kendra says

    Your house is totally inspiring and beautiful! I am in the mood to do some redecorating projects and would love to learn some easy and affordable DIY tricks (which I have yet to browse your blog for). I was wondering if you did the little wrapping paper planter with your name on it yourself? Or did you get it customized somewhere? Ok now back to scouring your blog for more ideas :)

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